The lies Your soul told.

August 17, 2017
By MadisonEASON BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
MadisonEASON BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I shouldn't be saying what I am about to say, but you know to know before I go.
I loved you from the very moment I laid my eyes on you. Little Did I know You
were going to be the one who crushed, stabbed, and break my heart.
You were the one that made my head spin and dance like a tribe of indians.
You were the criminal that stole my heart and you had ran and skipped away with it.
Of course I felt like you filled the empty feeling that fed my soul.
I kept looking thru your eyes trying to see the future you said you desperately wanted.
What I see was toxic, another girl. She was Skinnier and petite, verse me being bigger and
Very tall. You did the most hurtful thing, i can see the memories of you and her doing the same thing we did out of love. Was it so easy to please your sleazily toy? Forget you, I'll find my happily ever. Three weeks from now when you tod and bragged to everyone that you played my
Heart, I don't want texts apologizing over the mistake you've made. I don't want to see you looking unhappy with her on your am. I don't want you giving me glares when im smiling and i'm radient. I don’t need you giving glares to the people who look at me like a fresh clean Queen.
Today your side dish came over and was angry at me because apparently she caught you staring at me. I hope your mistakes teach you a lesson. I also hope when I walk around with my new treasure you sink to the bottomless pit where you found that black heart of yours.
       Yours truly,

The author's comments:

"If they treat you wrong, the love they have is fake. "

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