The Girl in the Back

August 7, 2017
By Anonymous

You are sitting in your boring history class. Just another ordinary day, stuck in  class waiting for that final bell to go off. You have never been a person to enjoy school, but there is  one upside to your history class. It was Calum Hood. He sits in front of you, and all you can  do is think about him. Prom was coming up, but you know that nobody will ask you out. The only person you want to ask you to the most important dance of your life is Calum, but he’s not into girls like you, and he never will be. You're the kind of girl who is not smart, but can be when she wants to be. Calum is the type of guy who is always laid back, and didn’t care much about anything, especially not school. You are sitting there, behind him, dreaming of the day he asks you to prom.
He turns around and you start to panic, “Hey. Can I borrow a pencil?,” he asks you. You pause realizing what he had just said and react quickly. You hand him the pencil you are currently using. “Uh. Thanks”, he says kindly, smiling.
All you think about is how much of a nerd you are, and how lame that was. You should’ve said something, or at least done something better than just stare at him and hand him a pencil. You are such a loser, nobody is going to ask you to prom, especially not Calum. The bell finally rang and it was time to leave this hell hole called school. On the way out you spot Calum talking to some his friends, which included very attractive girls. He hangs out with people who were different than you and your friends. “He’s probably going to ask out one of those girls to prom”, you think to yourself aloud.
The next day you go to school, you are rushing to class because you had to get to the library to print something out. You have a lot of crazy things running through your mind, and it is very hard to concentrate. Suddenly, you fall from running into somebody that was in your path. You don’t bother to look up and see who it is, you just apologize and try to gather your things quickly. Then, you hear the voice.
“Sorry. It was my bad. Let me help you”, it’s Calum. You were astonished and couldn't believe that you had just fallen on your butt in front of him. He tells his friends who he was walking with to go ahead and that he’ll catch up with them later. He helps you gather your stuff and offers to help you carry it to wherever you are going. He starts a conversation with you,
“So. Are you going to prom?”, he asks.
“Uh. Probably not. Probably just going to hang with some friends.”, you reply nervously.
“Well, that’s too bad. I don’t think that prom would be the same without you”, he says to you with that adorable smile of his.
“Oh please. Nobody would even notice me there”, you say with a dull look on your face.
“I would notice,” he says
You suddenly start to think that he might like you with that last sentence he threw in there. You don’t say anything back. You feel a sudden awkwardness and think that you should say something, but Calum beats you to it.
“Well, looks like this is the library. I got to go, but I’ll see you later Alison”, he says as he hands your stuff to you and walks off. He’s not going to see you later, that was one of the firsts real conversations you’ve had with him.
Later that day Calum bumps into you and he starts to talking again. “Hey! Allison! Just the person I was looking for” He says a little out of breath, you guessed that he was looking for you.
“Uh. Hey. Calum. What’s up?” You say wondering why he wants to talk to you
“I was wondering if you were busy tonight. Are you?” He says
You start to think to yourself “Is he asking you out? On a date?”
“No! I mean, no, I’m free tonight.” You say excitedly
“Great! Do you think that maybe we can study for that history test together?” He asks.
Suddenly, your smile drops and you answer him a little disappointed, “Yeah. Sure.”
“Awesome! Can you meet me at the theatre after school?” He asks you hopefully
“Yeah. I’ll see you after school in the theatre” You say to him before he smiles and walks away.
You are a little disappointed because you thought that he was actually going to ask you out. But why would he ask a girl like you out? You were kidding yourself and kind of shook it off and tried to forget about it. After school you go to the theatre with your history book ready to study. You see that the door is open so you walk in. It’s pitch black in the theatre, so it’s really hard to see. You call out for Calum, “Calum! Are you in here?”. You think to yourself that maybe he decided not to show up. Suddenly, the door shuts behind you, and now the light from the outside can’t help you see, not that it was much help before.
Then, the light on the stage goes on, you see two kids playing two different roles. Did they have a show today? The light on the stage goes off, and goes into a new scene. It goes from scene to scene the kids getting older in each one. The next scene you noticed was in a classroom, and this scene kind of looked familiar to you. Then you realized that the two kids were representing you and Calum. You just watched and then the lights went off and the next light that came on the stage was a spotlight on Calum. Your cheeks were on fire with a bright red, and then he started to speak.
“Allison, I have known you for quite sometime now, and I don’t know if you’ve ever really noticed me” He says nervously and continues, “I am a hopeful fool that was wondering if I can take an amazing, beautiful girl to prom. So, what do you say will you be my date to prom?” He finishes.
You get nervous and are speechless from what just happened.
You finally answer, “Yes! Yes, I’ll go to prom with you.”

He looks so happy and you go up there to hug him and he hands you a bouquet of roses. Everybody comes out from behind the stage and starts cheering.
On prom night you are the happiest girl in the world, and it makes it better that you finally got the guy of your dreams. You guys are in a slow dance, and Calum has the biggest smile on his face and a bright light shining in his eyes. You can’t believe that this whole time he was the nervous one, that you had to ask, “So. This whole time you had a crush on me?”.
“Uh. Yeah. I know that it is kind of lame.” He answers with a sly smile and a little shy.
“No. It’s not because this whole time I had a crush on you and thought that you would never be into a girl like me.” You say with a giggle
“Are you kidding? You’re such an amazing girl and very pretty.” He says
“A girl like me. That sounds nothing like me.” You say back to him
“Of course it does you just don’t give yourself enough credit.” He says with a little smile looking into your eyes.
He starts to lean in and slowly presses his lips yours. The kiss was little, but so magical. You couldn’t be happier knowing that you were the girl of his dreams while he was the guy of yours.

The author's comments:

Wanted to write some fan fiction, and it was homecoming week at school. 

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