Missing You

August 3, 2017
By Anonymous

I hear a knock on the front door and I wonder who it is since Gabby is the only person who really ever comes over, and she’s at her grandparents for another few days. I stay at my desk; continuing to read my book, but five minutes later I get a knock on my door.

“Come in.” I reply, not taking my eyes off the book as the door opens.


“Hey, Nikki.” My hands grip onto the book from the familiarity of the whisper of a voice, and I swivel around quickly to see Gabby; she now has dark bags hanging under her eyes, her brown hair isn’t hanging loosely over her shoulders but pulled into a small messy bun instead, and it seems like her long limbs are just hanging to her body like they have lost all purpose. But she still has the same vibrant green eyes, rosy red cheeks, small yet extravagant smile, and freckly arms. “This a…bad time?” she asks with a teasing raise in her voice at the end. I drop my book, stand up, and rush over to her; rapidly pushing her up against the back of the door and kissing her like I’ve imagined kissing her for the weeks and weeks she’s been gone. She responds immediately by cupping the back of my neck to try and pull me up to her and grabbing my waist with the other; desperately pulling me closer as I get on my tip toes and loop my fingers in her hair. I missed this. I missed her; her stupid jokes, her crazy ideas, her comfy sweatshirts, and just everything about her. When she was gone I felt like there was a hole in my life that couldn’t be replaced. Thank god she’s back because I thought I was doing okay, but seeing how I responded to her here shows that I was on the verge of going crazy. I reluctantly pull away for air but go right back to Gabby when she whines out. Our knees bump together as I smooth my hands down the side of her neck and her collarbone, until I can ball my fists up in the front of her sweatshirt. I pull back and slump against her chest and she leans against my bedroom door behind her; we’re both searching for any air we can as our chests heave heavily. Gabby moves her hands to my back and pulls me closer into her so that my forehead lays against her shoulder. I hang onto her shoulders to keep myself upright. 

“I missed you,” she breaths out “so much.”

“I love you.” I whisper into her chest. I feel her breathing stop, and she takes my face in her hands; her cold hands holding my burning face (Gabby’s always cold and I’m always warm; she tells me that that must mean we are meant to be). I avoid her eyes and decide to look at my posters on the wall to my left but her eyes are like bright green emeralds; unavoidable. She stares at me and I stare back until a moment or two later she kisses me; my chest is fluttering, with every creature that can fly with this one, because I can practically feel the words on the tip of her tongue.

“I love you too.” Gabby whispers as soon as our lips part. I smile and lean into her right hand as I stare up at her tired face. I'm full of relief from her answer but I'm still a bit concerned at how tired she looks (she told me a while ago that she tries not to travel too much because it takes her a while to get comfortable enough with a place to sleep there). 

“Wanna cuddle? You can nap.”

“Sure," Gabby remarks as she throws her bookbag on the office chair "but I’m not going to sleep.” she continues as she plops onto the bed. I purse my lips but it’s ruined by Gabby holding her arms out to me and smiling brightly; I smile and begin to laugh. She laughs along as she loops an arm around my waist and pulls me into her. I turn my head and kiss her cheek before we lay our heads down. Not even a minute or two later I can feel her breath even out and I know she’s out like a light. I smile to myself as I run a hand over her arm. Then, I stretch my arm out towards my book and snag it off the floor; without even breaking Gabby’s hold around me. Opening to the page I left off before the sweet surprise of Gabby; I nestle my head under her chin.


The author's comments:

I really enjoyed writing this and I just wanted to write an expert of two characters I was thinking about. 

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