Long Lost Friend

July 19, 2017
By abbster BRONZE, Elk Rapids, Michigan
abbster BRONZE, Elk Rapids, Michigan
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Chapter 1
Claire's small toes drag through the hot summer sand. Brandon chases her into the water.
“Hey wanna play a game?” Claire asked Brandon.
     “Sure but can i pick because last time you picked i almost drowned?” complained Brandon.
“Ugh FINE!”
Brandon started building a lop sided sand castle. He was always very bad at building things. Claire's eyes widened and ran to join him.
“Let's see who can build the best castle.” Said Brandon.
“Ok that's easy.” Claire said confidently.
Claires the only 7 year old in her family that always won during competitions. Of course Claire won the competition. After their easily won castle building competition, they walked to Jay's ice cream shack and swam until 9 o'clock. They had walkie talkies to talk to each other if they had bad dreams. They practically lived next to each other.
“Hey, are you awake Claire?” Brandon asked quietly.
“Yeah i'm up now.” Claire said sarcastically.
“Im sorry its just something has been bothering me and i figured if i told you i'd be able to sleep.”
“Ok what is it then Brandon?”
“Umm well my Mom and Dad want to get a new start and move somewhere else than old boring florida.”
“WHAT! Why? You love Florida and plus we won't be able to play or walkie talkie!” Claire cried out.
“I do but apparently my parents don't, and we can send letters. It's not going to be that bad Claire.” Brandon explained in enthusiasm.
“Brandon you promised me you would be here when we'd go into 4th grade. What happened to that?”
“I don't know. I'm gonna go. Im making you upset. I'm not so happy about this either you know.”
“I'm gonna go.”
The next day Brandon walked the very little distance from his house to Claire's. He was checking on how she was doing. He rang the squeaky doorbell and her mother came to the door.
“Hello Brandon can i help you?”
“Yes, can i please borrow Claire for about an hour or so? I want to have some time with her before i move tomorrow.” Brandon asked sadly.
“Sure thing sweetie wait here i'll go get her for you.”
Claire walked out in a pink sundress, high pigtails,white shoes that matched her sundress and some money just in case.
“Claire you look so pretty right now.” Brandon said generously.
“Thank you. I'm sorry for last night. Was upset that you were moving.”
There was a long silence before Brandon spoke.
“No don't be sorry i totally understand how you feel Claire. Anyways i can here to take you anywhere fun before i go.”
“Okay let's go.” Claire said.
They walked down the street and stopped by the water. There was a box full of goofy things to wear.
“Whats all this?” Claire asked.
“We are stopping here real quick to take pictures and just be goofy so you remember me before i go.”
“Awh Brandon, i will never forget about you. You're my best friend.”
Brandon grabbed her hand and pulled her to the box. He grabbed a mustache, huge glasses and a boa and gave them to Claire to wear. Brandon grabbed a tie with blue and yellow polka dots, a huge black hat, and a red nose and put them on as well.
     “Ok say cheese.” Brandon said with a huge smile. They huddled together and posed. Claire did bunny ears behind Brandon's head and Brandon stook his tounge out.
“Hey thanks for doing this but i'm going to go home to think for a bit.” Explained claire sadly.
“O-ok umm yeah do you want me to stop by later?
“No it's fine. We’ll walkie tonite.” Later that night, Brandon's walkie talkie beeps. And sure enough Claire kept her promise.
“Hi are you feeling better?”Asked brandon.
“Yeah i'm fine.”
“Ok thats good. You know Claire, i'm gonna really miss you.” Brandon said with tears flowing down his face.
“I'm gonna miss you too. We are in this together Brandon. No matter what happenes we will always talk to each other no matter the distance.” Claire sobs.
To Be Continued...

The author's comments:

I wrote this story because it is similar to my favorite book

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