Caught in a smoke

July 19, 2017
By izzykitkkat BRONZE, Fort Mccmurray, Alberta
izzykitkkat BRONZE, Fort Mccmurray, Alberta
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"Do you want a smoke".? " I don't smoke".

Chapter 1: Caught in a smoke

As I sat on the brick wall done with life. I picked up the glass bottle of jack Daniels, half empty. I glazed at it. I picked at the label with my nail. I was just  about to jump. Just then I heard something behind me.  It looked like another girl. I peaked over my shoulder. There was a girl with plantainium blonde hair, it looked like she had green eyes. She had a beautiful red dress on with roses on it. The girl knew I was here. She sat behind me. I just watched her in the corner of my eye. She pulled out a liter and a cigarette, and she lit it in her mouth. "Want a smoke"? She asked " I don't smoke" I mubbled.  It was awkward silence. "What's your name" she asked. " it's Avery, what about yours"? I asked. "Jane" she sighed. "I absolutely hate my name" Jane exclaimed.  "Oh".

I took a sip of the jack Daniels, and blew out my mouth with disgust. "So Avery  why are you here"? Asked Jane. " It doesn't matter why I'm here" I said in a annoyed tone. I just wanted her to go so I could jump already. " I'm here because my parents are stupid achaholics and don't want me anymore" she cried. "Oh I'm sorry" I told her. She grabbed my jack Daniels bottle and threw it on the ground. "What the hell why did you do that" I yelled. "I'm upset".  "Actually give me a smoke please" I demanded. " she handed me a lit up smoke and smirked at me. I coughed, it hurt my lungs so much but I stayed strong. We talked and talked for hours just sitting on that brick wall and it started to get dark. We relaxed watching the stars. She leaned over and looked at me. "Avery"? She said. "What". " let's do something and change the world together". I leaned in for a kiss.

It was crazy because I only met Jane today and I felt like I knew her. I didn't know I would ever have feelings for a girl. I kissed her and it felt magical.  Years went on and I never saw Jane since that kiss. Soon I had forgotten about Jane.My parents had just died and my boyfriend broke up with me. I felt so alone. So I went to that same brick wall. But when I got there I saw a lady my age sitting there already. So I sat down behind her. And she asked " do you want a smoke"? " sorry I don't smoke" I said.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this story because I thought through all of the bad things you go through there's always a little magic that saves your life.

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