From Above

July 12, 2017
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“ Stop the car, please stop Lance.” I yelled frantically, but Lance couldn’t do anything to fix it, it was too late. The car had slid into a ditch. Scraps of metal lay on the ground, shattered glass lay scattered on the road next to the car, which now looked like a crumpled up metal ball. Lance couldn’t do anything, and all I felt was uselessness, watching from above, not being able to help. My body lay, being covered with dust slowly, just waiting for help to come and tell me that all of this isn't real.

Work was the worst, it is everyday, but today was worse than any other day. Some flights have been delayed due to a snowstorm and I have been asked “When is our flight leaving?” over and over again. But thankfully, my shift is over in 30 minutes, because if I have to stay here longer I will go crazy.
“ Hey Kelsie, you have a call from Lance, are you too busy?” asked Jenni, my partner.
“ Umm, no, I think I will take that call” I answered.
Finally, I get to rest from all that chaos. As I walk into the break room I almost wanted to go back to the chaos, because the walls painted a dark grey reflect sadness, having the paint being chipped makes it even worse. It makes me feel sad and depressed inside, but I have to continue anyway.
As Jenni hands me the phone she whispers in my ear: “ Take as long as you want to, I will handle everybody outside”
“ Thanks” I whisper back.
“ Hey” I say to the phone.
“ Hey” answers Lance.
“ So why did you call me at work?”
“ Can’t a boyfriend call his girlfriend just because”
“ No”
“ You’re right, I just wanted to ask you if you could come home at around 8:30?”
“ Lance i get off at 5:30 what am i supposed to do until then?”
“ I don't know, maybe you could go shopping”
“ Well when you put it that way then ok, but if you only want me out because your friends are over I  will-”
“Ok I get it, I promise nobody is over.”
“ Ok well I have to get back to work, I will see you tonight at 8:30”
“ Bye”
“ Bye”
What am I supposed to do for three hours? What is he doing that he doesn’t want me to be at the house?
I couldn’t be worrying about that, because right now I have bigger problems, and that is figuring out how i was going to control the angry mob outside.
The day is pretty cloudy and sad, and I have nowhere to go.It’s New York City there has to be something to do. I walk around the city thinking about what's going on at home. Although I trust Lance I can't help but to think that there's something going on. But I can’t let that ruin this day, I haven't had a day off like this in weeks, so I really want to enjoy a little outing.
I get a message from Lance, and it read: “Buy yourself a really nice pair of shoes and a new outfit for tonight.”
Now I’m just a little curious, but in a good way. What is Lance doing?
I  try to get the the fact that something is going on out of my head. I continue on to a clothing store where i am going to buy what Lance asked me to. I walk into Macy’s and I look around and most of the dresses are really short, the first thing I think is, Why would you be selling short dresses in the middle of December? I walk toward a blue long and flowy dress with a white lace around the hip, i fell in love with it instantly, I grab my size and I go into the dressing room.
Looking into the mirror I think, this is the most beautiful thing ever, I can’t wait to see Lance tonight. I almost don’t want to take it off and just stand here like an idiot staring at myself in the mirror, but I have to force myself out, I still need to look for the shoes and it’s 6:30 already.
I walk out of the dressing room and check out, the cashier was really specific on knowing why I wanted the dress because most people that buy that dress are doing something exciting, nope that’s not me.
As I walk down the sidewalk the clouds over me, so grey and heavy signal that their is snow coming soon, very soon, I just hope that it isn’t snowing when I’m done buying my shoes, I want to get home and not be sick.
As I walk, I see that John Fluevog shoes across the street, my eyes come across a pair of Flats with colorful flower imprints. Perfect. The scent of vanilla hits my nose as I go into the store and gives me an intense headache, I hate the scent of vanilla. I look over and I see the shoes. I jump as I feels a light touch on my shoulder.
“ Hello, may I help you with anything today?” the oddly dressed employee asked, she wore a yellow shirt and a very blue long skirt.
“ Yes, hello, can I get these shoes in size 7.5 please?”
“ Ok, I will be right back” she says as she departs into the back.
I stand awkwardly staring at everything in the store, not moving my body but just my head.
“ Here you go, anything else I could help you with?” she asks.
“ Oh no thanks, i’m just going to try them on” I respond.
I sit in a very short couch that curves into a “U” as if it was designed to fit many people in it. I slip off my work shoes and put on the flats, they fit perfectly and i’m sure they will go great with the dress, as I look at the clock it’s 7:30, I should probably get going.
I catch a cab and I am very nervous, because whatever is going on I am sure that is something amazing because of the simple fact that it is Lance, he never does anything bad, we have been together for 2 years, and I trust him with anything.
The sun has already gone down and the beautiful New York city lights have come out, we pass the Downtown area and it is speechless, this is the it’s reason I love New York, because it's so beautiful and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere but here.
    When the taxi drops me off in front of the apartment buildings the bell boy escorts me upstairs, ok now I think that something is going, right now i'm expecting seeing a burned apartment or something.
“Have a nice night Ms. Anderson” the man suggested, he looks scary with his wrinkly skin, he gives me a very suspicious look suggesting that something is going on.
I hesitate as I open the door expecting a not so very delightful surprise. Instead I find a card lying in front of a flower vase full of red roses, my favorite. The card read:
Get beautiful for tonight, there isn’t much fixing, you are already beautiful, I want you to wear this necklace with your new outfit tonight. Love, Lance
I feel butterflies, I can’t wait to find out what he is doing tonight. So excited for to find out what is going to happen, I hurry and take a shower, I don’t even know if I took a shower correctly all I wanted was to be with Lance at this point. I dry my hair so I can curl it , but it takes 30 minutes, I have very weird hair. While I wait for it to completely dry I put make -up on, I chose a light eyeshadow, I don’t want to overpower the dress colors. I concentrate on my eyeliner since I always mess that up. I finally get to curl my hair, it took forever. Once I am done curling my hair I get to put on my lovely dress.
I strap the dress in perfectly, all I have left is the silver necklace that Lance gave me, it’s shaped like a snowflake and has a diamond on every arm of it and one big one in the middle. I look into the mirror and I feel amazing, my hair parted to left side, the blue dress, my shoes and the most important part, the necklace, he gave it to me so it was special.
I get a text from Lance and it says: “ Their is a cab downstairs, don't ask questions he will take you to your destination.”
I love this, he is so amazing.
The taxi man escorts me from the door of our building and leads me into the car, he gives me a quick look, smiles, and drives off, I don’t know if I should feel scared or not.
We drive off into the night and the building towering us look spectacular with their amazement of colors, we drove around for what seemed like 30 minutes, and we have drove everywhere downtown, I finally have seen it all, after all these years I have finally seen all these lights in New York.
We pull up in front of Central Park, and there he is, in his black tuxedo fitting perfect on him and his hair set to the side with some help of hair gel. He is all that I have ever wanted. Lance. He holds out hand, and I hold my hand in his as he get’s me out of the car. He blind folds me and walks me around for what I think was 5 minutes, we end under a tree and a table is laid out with two candles, a red rose, and fine china. He holds out my chair and I feel like a princess.We wait as a very nice dressed man brings us McDonald's. This is why I love him, he doesn't go fancy on anything, and it is my favorite food.
We talk peacefully about what our day was like, we usually talk about this anyways.
We get up and walk around, he holds my hand and I like his soft skin pressed on mine, he looks at me, and his eyes twinkle, it gives me butterflies and makes me blush , he hugs me and gives me a kiss, he kisses so sweet, he kneels down and as I start to cry he says:
   “Kelsie Anderson, I have loved you since the day we met, you are smiling from the moment you wake up to when you go to bed, I love that and just seeing that smile makes me feel happy, I think about that smile all day, You are the most amazingly beautiful woman I have ever seen, and honestly sometimes it scares me, so, Kelsi Anderson, I would be honored to turn you into Mrs.Kelsie King. Will you marry me?”
I can’t believe that this is happening, all of this rushes through my head, I want to say yes but I can’t speak, I am speechless.
“YES” I cry out.
I jump and hug him and I kissed him like I have never before, under the New York city lights I screamed yes,yes, and hugged until we couldn’t anymore.
I can’t believe this is happening.

Months have passed and finally it's May 25th, my wedding day.  Everything is ready, the tables arranged with white plates with gold edges and glass water cups because we don't want anything to happen because of alcohol. The colors white and gold everywhere, as well as the red roses scattered around the white dancefloor, the sun is beautiful and the weather is perfect for an outside wedding.The Farhampton Inn was perfect, the only down was that Lance and I had to travel back after the wedding.
Everyone was huddled around me in my bedroom, Lance's sister trying to “perfect” my hair and my mother trying to give me a pep talk on how to be a perfect wife. I really need to escape from family right now, but just then Lance shows up, he doesn't believe in superstitions and told me that he would do whatever to see me before the wedding.
He takes me out away from everyone. We lay under the tree and talk about the future and what's going to happen.
“ I really can't wait to start a family with you.” says Lance.
“ Me either, but we have to continue on our jobs if we want to give our children a good life” I respond.
“ I know. I can’t believe that in less than an hour we are going to be married, and I’m going to be able to call you my wife.” he responds.
“Speaking of which Lance, we should get back, people are going to start wondering.” I respond.
“Yup probably” responds Lance.
Back at the hotel room, I become eager of walking down that aisle, the way to a new life with my husband.
The wedding is about to start and my dad gives me a huge hug and starts to tear up, he whispers the words “ I Love You” in my ear. I start to tear up too but he wipes off my tears.
The wedding march starts to play as I walk down the aisle. I see Lance and I can’t stop looking, neither can he. This is going to be perfect.
“ Do you Lance, accept Kelsie's hand in marriage?”
“ Yes, yes I do!”
“And do you Kelsie, take Lance's hand in marriage/”
“Of course I do”
The crowd cheered and jumped celebrating a new life for Lance and I. Everybody congratulating us as we walked passed them, the excitement shared at this moment is like no other I have ever imagined.
Everybody looks cheerful and happy as the sun goes down, the cutting of the cake was memorable, everybody standing around us sharing our fist enjoyment of our marriage, this was truly a night to remember for the rest of my life. But then Lance and I made the decision to leave late that night because we didn't want to wake up really early to make it to our flight in the morning, our honeymoon was going to be in Hawaii, we had always dreamed of it.
  We had already had our bags packed so we loaded them onto our car, saying our goodbyes to everybody that we loved and thanking them for coming to a big milestone in our lives.
Lance had checked the weather before we left and everything seemed to be fine, until we drove into a lonely street, the wind was blowing uncontrollably, dust, leaves, and branches were flying everywhere, we thought about turning back, but we were too far from the Inn and decided to keep driving.
Right then I see a car's headlights come, closer, and closer to us. Lance couldn’t control the car it was stuck and he couldn't turn away. The car hit us on the side, with a loud crash, my whole life was gone, everything that I wanted to be, and everything that I am left in a single second.
“ Stop the car, please stop Lance.” I yelled frantically, but Lance couldn’t do anything to fix it, it was too late. I had hit my head against the window. The car had slid into a ditch. Scraps of metal lay on the ground, shattered glass lay scattered on the road next to the car, which now looked like a crumpled up metal ball. Lance couldn’t do anything, and all I felt was uselessness , watching from above, not being able to help. My body lay, being covered with dust slowly, just waiting for help to come and tell me that all of this isn’t real.
  This happened and I had to admit it, this is true, I am dead. I watch Lance being carried into a helicopter and my body with him too.What is he going to do when he wakes up and finds me dead?
I see him in helicopter trying to breathe and yelling my name, but I can’t do anything, I see the the EMT’s covering up my body, my heart aches to be there to tell everyone that I am still here, but I can’t.
The EMT hurry Lance into the hospital, he has serious injuries in his chest and take him into surgery right away.
It took them 3 hours to get Lance in a stable position.
I saw his family come in, still in the clothes they wore to the wedding, they looked relieved after seeing that he was okay. My family ran in a couple of minutes later, it was the complete opposite, they cried and were speechless to find out what happened. They felt guilty for not stopping us from leaving, but it wasn’t there fault.
I watched Lance everyday, as he made progress and got better. Nobody had told him, and nobody wanted to tell him. He has been under care for 3 weeks, and today was his released day. he packed his clothes so eager to see me, but when he walked into the waiting where everyone was, he finally had to know the truth and as they told him, Lance fell to the floor in tears, he couldn’t get up. I couldn’t handle myself seeing him like this, it was too painful. I have never seen him cry this bad.
I whispered “I will always be there with you Lance.”
Lance stopped crying and stood up. Everybody hugged him a the words “I'm sorry” were the most spoken on that moment, and for the rest of the day.
I have been watching since the accident, every time Lance makes an accomplishment, he looks up to me. I was gone and Lance needed to start a life with someone new. I saw as he avoided every women that would speak to them, and acknowledge that he still loved me, I insisted on him starting a new life.
Lance is married now, her name is Stacy. They were married in New York, to avoid another accident. Stacy doesn't know about me, but Lance is waiting for the right moment, I watch them being happy with each other.
Lance also has a little boy named Tyler, he is 2. He is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. It was a perfect birth, no complications, well, thanks to me, I helped a little with this little boy. I will keep watching over Lance, take care of him and watch his milestones, he has moved on but I am still locked in his heart forever. All as I watch from above.

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