July 11, 2017
By Anonymous

Nothing is worse than depression which is probably the most difficult thing Ariel faced. That was besides going to the hell she called High School where everyone would tease her for being “antisocial” and then returning home to her parents fighting. It became an everyday thing for her. “If you hadn’t had Ariel everything would be different and better!” shouted Ariel’s father to Ariel’s mother. Ariel imagined how happy everyone would be if she was gone, it was easy for her to picture a life of distress for her parents. Growing up in a small town in Connecticut was quite nice. There was green grass everywhere, it gave her a sense of comfort. That was until she started Pre-K up to High School. As a child she was always an outcast, the things she heard everyday made her feel different… she didn’t even feel normal anymore. “Why do you look like that? What’s wrong with your face? You have no friends why don't you just kill yourself?!” are just a few cruel things she heard on the daily.
Well that was as a child, but despite having a rough childhood she was now heartbroken. Her previous boyfriend abused her both emotionally and physically she had to let go or at least it was the right thing to do. It was her fifth day of highschool, she was in her 1st period and the day had just started. “Students, This is Jeremy he is new to the school and I would like everyone to make him feel as welcome as possible.” said her math professor. Ariel was speechless, she fell in love with him the second their eyes met and suddenly highschool didn’t seem so bad after all. She blanked out and then… “Hello, I am Jeremy. You’re very pretty” is all Ariel seemed to hear. “Pardon?” asked Ariel as she was in disbelief that he had actually talked to her. “Yes, you. Would you like to get a drink of coffee some day?” asked Jeremy. “I would love to.” said Ariel. That is where it all started. A perfect boy and lonely girl both in search of love.
The next day they went to get coffee which led to dinner and dinner let’s say that led to their first date. They were both in love with each other. Ariel was finally happy, she felt some type of way she had never felt in her life. The thought of them being something big amused her. He accepted her with her flaws and as a whole and she accepted him as well. “I love you Jeremy.” Those were words that Ariel thought she’d never say to anyone. The moment those three words slipped out of her mouth she knew she had never fell harder for any guy in her life and she finally felt as though she had a reason to keep living. She was willing to live… just for Jeremy. “I love you too Ariel.” responded Jeremy. The next day she went to his house and sat on his couch.  “I have to go change I will be right back.” said Jeremy. Ariel hated not having him by her side so she got up and followed him, little did she know she was going to wish she hadn’t. She saw him take off something similar to a mask. She gasped. He turned and all she saw was a green face staring back at her. She was in shock and she was scared. The only words that came out of her mouth were three short words, “How could you.”
Weeks went by and she was torn. She couldn’t believe he had lied to her about who he truly was. She lied on her bed sobbing until she heard the slight noise of her door open. She turned and saw Jeremy, only this time he wasn’t wearing a mask. “Let me explain, Please.” said Jeremy. Ariel stared blankly at him with tears running down her cheeks, giving him a chance to speak. “I didn’t come to Earth to fall in love with you, I came to destroy this world. You have to understand that this is the only way I’ll make my parents happy. My intentions were never to hurt you.” explained Jeremy. “That’s horrible! Despite lying to me you want to take over Earth?!  Unbelievable.” said Ariel as she turned away angrily. “If you come with me back to Jupiter… I won't destroy your planet. I’m willing to choose my happiness over my parent’s just for you.” said Jeremy.  She accepted his offer as she was still in love with him and left planet Earth just like that.
She knew she had to because she had never been as happy in her life. It was a way of thanking him for making her smile everyday and for being the reason she chose life over death. “Jeremy, I would like to thank you for being the reason that the thought of disappearing no longer crosses my mind anymore. As well as for being the reason I finally see this thing we call Earth beautiful and prosperous. “Listen I’m sorry for making you leave your family behind. There's just no way I could have survived another day on that planet of yours. I just hope your parents will be okay.” responded Jeremy. “I’m sure they’ll be fine.” said Ariel smiling as her eyes watered.

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