July 17, 2017
By elizabethrose930 BRONZE, Woodland Hills, California
elizabethrose930 BRONZE, Woodland Hills, California
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As I am sitting on the beach painting while listening to some of my favorite music.

I think about Zach, how happy he makes me how well he treats me it is like a dream come true. I am the luckiest girl on the planet. I live in California, I have Zach, I get to paint on the beach. One thing I do wish though is that my parents and his parents would be more accepting of us. I am seeing Zach today and I am so excited. I go into the car blast some music and head to Zach’s house. “Lucy, I missed you!” Babe I’ve missed you too. You know I’ve been thinking a lot about us and I know we are only 19 but I want to take our relationship even further, Zach we should get married! “Lucy, are you sure? I mean don’t get me wrong that would be spectacular but our parents wouldn’t be so fond of it”. Zach who cares we are our own people we are not kids anymore we get to decide what to do! Love is love and they can’t change that. “You know you’re right, I am so sick and tired of always getting nagged at I am 19 I have a job I can support us, let’s tell them tomorrow.” Okay I will call my parents and you call your and we will take them out to lunch and tell them! Oh, Zach I am so excited, this is really happening.

As I head to lunch with I wonder how my parents and his parents are going to react. I am very nervous but I need to remember it is my life not theirs. I see Zach with his family in the far distance, Zach is dressed very proper but looks a little hesitant. Hi babe, you look very snazzy. Hi Mr. and Mrs. Nickelson you two look amazing as always. “Ah why thank you Lucy you look darling as well... Mrs. Nickelson says.” “Hey babe where are your parents?” They are on their way, Zach don’t worry everything’s going to be okay! “Alright alright I just want everything to go the way I planned it to go.” Look there they are! Hi mom and dad over here! “Hi sweet girl how are you, oh I’ve missed you… sais Lucy’s mom.” “Hi Mr. and Mrs. Blue how are you two?” “I’m fine Zach thank you for asking and you?... says Mr. Blue.” “I am wonderful!” Well you all are probably wondering why we asked you to come out and eat some lunch on this lovely day. “Babe not yet.” Fine I’ll say it later. “Say what later?” Nothing mom just order some lunch. “Well I am starving so I think I’m going to get the ribs and salad…says Mr. Nickelson.” “That sounds delicious dad, I am going to order that as well!” So, Mr. and Mrs. Nickelson what have you two been up to these days? “Well you know how much I love animals and I started volunteering at this wonderful animal shelter! I thought to myself I have so much free time might as well do something that helps animals especially because I love them so much!” Wow that’s amazing you know Zach and I really want to get a dog, we have always loved them. “Well maybe after you finish college and get a steady job that would be a smart idea… says Mrs. Nickelson” Zach and I both look over at each other with nervous facial expressions. Zach its time I can’t wait any longer. “Are you sure, right now?” “What are you guys talking about…says Mr. Blue.” Mom, dad, Mr. and Mrs. Nickelson, Zach and I are getting married! Zach and I look around the table and it seems that we are the only ones smiling. “Told you we should have waited a bit to tell them.” Zach, it doesn’t matter when we told them they were going to find out anyways. “WHAT IN THE WORLD, no I will not allow it… says Zach’s mom.” “Lucy why are you doing this to us? You two have your whole life ahead of you to get married but at 19, honey it is just not realistic... says Lucy’s mom.” Mom we are in love. We are not carbon copies of you we don’t want to wait till after college or till we have steady jobs we want to do it now. Zach what about college what about you skating career? I mean for heaven’s sake Zach you are sponsored and your willing to give that up for marriage?... sais Zach’s dad.” “Dad marrying Lucy would not stop me from skating if anything it would inspire me to skate even more. I know you think I am going to drop out of college and ruin my life, but I won’t.” Zach and I will figure it out we are adults. “You two are not adults, you guys have only been in college for one year… sais Zach’s mom.” Yeah but we have dated each other for 3 years. “That’s great sweetie but why can’t you keep it like that? Why do you need a piece of paper to make it legitimate?...sais Lucy’s dad.” “No disrespect Mr. Blue but your daughter and I are in love and it is more than a piece of paper for us. I get why you are hesitant about this but it’s going to be okay and you all have no reason to worry about Lucy and I.” Whose idea was this?...Says Zach’s mom.” It was mine, don’t yell at Zach. “Lucy, I can’t believe you thought of this… says Lucy’s dad.” Haven’t you guys ever felt what we felt? “Lucy, we finished school before you father and I married each other and we both had steady jobs as well.” Mom I am still going to finish school and so is Zach we just have a commitment to each other that’s all. “Why does your commitment have to be marriage why can’t you two just wait till you finish school…says Lucy’s mom.” “Babe maybe she’s right, maybe we should wait.” I thought you loved me, I thought you wanted to get married Zach. “Of course, I love you and I still do want to get married but I think I want to wait till after college.” “See that’s my boy, smart choice…sais Zach’s dad.” “Dad, c’mon not right now.” “What I just think that’s a smart choice!” I mean maybe we should wait a bit I guess just till we get some stuff in order. “See Lucy, enjoy what you have right now there is no need to rush it... sais Lucy’s mom.” Alright let’s wait then! I love you Zach. “I love you too Lucy.”

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