The wedding

June 27, 2017
By VioletaQuinn GOLD, Shanghai, Massachusetts
VioletaQuinn GOLD, Shanghai, Massachusetts
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If you set your a goal that's ridiculously high, then even if you fail, you'll fail above other's success.

Stacey married Hanson on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Saint-George's Church. Later,they sat on the park bench under the shade to cool themselves down after a whole day of fun. As they were taken photos by a professional photographer, the bride noticed that one of his bridesmaid called Violeta's frowning .It's certainly a symbol of bad luck to fix one's eyebrow during a wedding,so she came up to her and asked:'my dear baby,what's the matter with you?' She replied coldly:'Look, Anastasia,who's that man dressed in a yellow  tuxedo?' 'Oh,that's Tyler—that eccentric from Dulwich high school,remember?'Stacey answered without hesitation.'Ay, Señor Pato,how on earth did I forget your face?' Violeta ran to him with open arms nearly knocking him over. He was on the other hand not surprised at all: kissing her gently on the cheek.Then,she pushed away like a shy girl would do.To see her red brush, José hugged her with all his might and slowly comb her hair through his fingers.Both of them could hear each other's heartbeat. After A few moments of joys and sorrows,they looked upon the sky at the marvelous firework display.

That day, two couples lied down on the soft grass in the yard reminiscing on their teenage time.
At night,Hanson was awoken by a pat on his shoulder.Who could it possibly be? It was Stacey dressed in Violeta's sleeping grown and Hanson stopped breathing at the very minute and soon enough fainted. Stacey kneeled down beside him and sang him a lullaby:

Once there're two sisters
They're best friends
Stick to one another so close
One day a Don Juan entered their life
Turning peace into war with a knife
That boy grew up into a man
With whom the name of Hanson

All of a sudden, The real Stacey appeared as a Goddess in heaven expelling the fake one away.
As she touches on Hanson's bare skin, he experienced  rebirth of his soul. They live happily ever after.
As for Violeta...She's doomed to go back home to where she belongs—Israel,where she'll be punished by Allah.

The author's comments:

My friend got herself a boyfriend and I was absolutely angry at first. But later on, I learnt that the boy wanted everything to carry on as usual and therefore I became so grateful that no betrayal had taken place or else, i would definitely accuse them of publicly showing their relationship to the principle or Director. Anyway, when I stayed up all night and dreamt the day before, an idea downed on me: If I love life so much, why not write a horror novel for them? Hence, I'm going to embark on a brand new journey of composing.

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