Avoiding Him

June 19, 2017
By luffyspiratequeen SILVER, Harrisonville, Pennsylvania
luffyspiratequeen SILVER, Harrisonville, Pennsylvania
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Ever since that day, I had been trying to avoid Liam. He hadn't done anything wrong, no one had. One day I just realized that I didn't deserve anything. What had I done to deserve what I had.


Liam was my best friend ever since we met in 6th grade. Everyone thought we were complete opposites. I liked music and was a part of chorus, band, and musical. He played baseball. I was outgoing and he was more to himself. But, we were the closet out of anyone we knew.


We are now in 10th grade, but in 9th grade we started growing closer and closer. Almost more than best friends. I realized I didn't deserve anything about 3/4 through 9th grade. Then, I started avoiding everyone.


Liam kept trying to figure out what was wrong, everyone did, but I wouldn't talk to anyone. For a while they kept trying, but they gave up pretty quickly. However, Liam didn't. In fact, he still tried sometimes, but I just didn't think I deserved him.


At the start of 10th grade I started feeling lonely, but I still hadn't done anything to deserve anyone. Everyone noticed how sad I was, especially Liam. I tried to hide it, but I suck at hiding things. Now about halfway through the year and it was just getting worse.


I went shopping at Wal-Mart to try and take my mind off of it. But, about ten minutes after I got there I saw Liam. He had seen me first and was heading towards me. I couldn't face him, not after everything I had put him through. So, I ran.


I headed for the doors hoping to get to my car fast enough to get away. Of course, I was a little on the big side, so I wasn't very fast. Liam, he was still playing baseball, so he was super fast. He blocked the door. I ran in the other direction. He followed.I managed to stay away from him even at my slow pace. I ran in between aisles hoping to lose him. Going into each aisle and then skipping one to throw him off. It never worked though. He always found me, but he couldn't catch me.


I know it's pretty silly to run away from someone in a Wal-Mart, but I felt like I had to.


Then, Noah, one of Liam's closest friends ever since I had started to avoid him walked in and saw Liam all tired. They started talking. I wondered what he was talking about, but I didn't have time for that. I started heading for the other door, slowly so they wouldn't notice. I was about halfway there, when Noah and Liam finished talking and Liam turned around. I tried ducking behind a display, but he saw me. They started running towards me.


Now I know what they were talking about.


Liam was fast, but Noah was faster. He went around me and tried to cut me off. I turned sharply and caught them off guard. I was chased around for a long time after that.


Finally, I had managed to give them the slip and headed for the door. I was about 10ft from the door and Liam saw me. I got two feet closer and I tripped over a kids toy laying on the floor.


My ankle was twisted and I couldn't get up. Liam and Noah came over to me. Liam looked sad, Noah looked relieved. I kept looking down. I couldn't look at Liam. He didn't say anything. He just bent down at my ankle.


Since it hurt, I was holding it. He moved my hand and looked at my ankle. He touched it and I winced. He looked up worried. Liam looked at Noah and said, "Help me get her to my car." Noah nodded and they both put one of my arms around their shoulders to give me support. They led me to Liam's car and Noah left. Liam helped me into the car, then went around the car and into the driver's seat.


We were alone in such a small space. Nothing stopping Liam from asking questions. I was nervous. What would he say? What would he do?


He didn't say anything. Instead, he put the keys in the ignition and drove away. Finally, he said, "I'll bring you back to your car later."


Now that Liam had broken the silence, he started talking. He said one word. One simple word. It made me feel like I had just killed a puppy.




I couldn't answer.


My eyes started to water, so I looked out the window. I stayed silent and he said my name. On instinct, I looked over at him and a tear slipped out. He reached over and swiped his thumb across my cheek, gently wiping it off..


After that I broke.


I said, "I don't deserve you. I don't deserve anyone or anything."


Liam sighed and said, "Olivia, you don't need to deserve it. You had no reason to think that. I see you everyday. You look so lonely. You don't have to be."


"Liam, I'm sorry. I just..."


Liam interrupted, "You don't have to give me excuses. I understand."


"But, Liam, what I did. It's unforgivable. I hurt you. How can you be so calm."


"Olivia, we're best friends. I'll always forgive you. I'll always understand." I was starting to calm down.


Slightly sniffling, I said, "How? How can you forgive me so easily?"


"It doesn't matter, but what does matter is that your ankle is hurt and it needs checked out." I tried to argue more, but realized it was pointless. Liam wouldn't change his mind. We pulled into the nearest hospital and I got x-rays. My ankle was broken and they put a cast on it. Now I couldn't drive home. My car got left at Wal-Mart and Liam drove me home. We didn't talk on the way home. When we got there Liam said that my mom was coming down to help me into the house. I nodded. Liam said, "Now, don't be sad anymore. You do deserve me. You deserve everything you had before. And you even deserve this." He leaned over the console and kissed me. Those fireworks everyone talks about are real. I was so shocked, I couldn't talk. Then, I saw my mom come around the corner. Liam handed me a piece of paper and mouthed, "Read it later." I nodded and my mom helped me get out.


Right before she closed the door I said, "I'm sorry." I don't even know if he heard me. When I was in my room, I read it. It said, "Meet me there at 7:00." I knew exactly where he meant. We wanted a special place only we knew about so, we both got jobs and used the money to build a shed-sized building. We decorated it and named it our special place. I haven't been there in a year.


At 7, I knocked on the door. Liam opened the door and I walked in. Liam said, "Now, right before you left, I wanted to ask you something." I just nodded, confused as to what it could be. "Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked him why he would want that after what I did, but in response he said, "Just answer the question."




He smiled and kissed me again. Those damn fireworks. We were a couple for a long time, but that ended.


We got engaged and eventually married.


But, I could never quite make up for what I did. Although, I don't think Liam really cared.

The author's comments:

I really hope you enjoy this!! It was inspired by my dreams.

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