Another Day

June 14, 2017
By Anonymous

My eyes open up to sun peaking through the curtains and my mom calling my name for breakfast, another day to face. I get ready, throwing on an outfit that may or may not match, run to get my backpack together. Then I heard the car beep from the driveway. It made my heart skip a beat, even though it’s just a carpool with my neighbor Matt. We’ve grown up next to each other since the beginning of elementary and shared many memories up until now. He usually drives me to school, it beats taking the bus. I walk outside into the fresh morning air and see his sleepy smile through the windshield and quickly smile back. Matt has been my friend since we were little, I’ve always thought of him as this amazing person. A person you could never forget, no matter how hard you try.
“Well good morning,” I say to Matt as I slide into the passenger's seat and take in the scent of coffee that fills his jeep. Whenever he makes coffee he brings an extra cup for me, I laugh as I see a sticky note with my name written across the top of the mug. “This happens to be for Savannah who does not know how to come out on time! Ever. Enjoy!” I read in his scribbled handwriting. Matt already knows that I can’t stand him complaining about it. I tell him “I feel bad for the poor girl that ever decides to date you because she will have to put up with even more than I do. You’re hopeless if you treat her like this.” I tell him teasingly,
“Hey now! Remember I’m the one driving you to school every morning!” We are laughing together as he pulls out my driveway in the direction of school. I ponder the statement as I look up the road, more often than not I've caught myself thinking about what it would be like to date Matt. Whether it's feasible or not, I’ll never really know.
We separate as soon as we get through the double doors, he quickens his pace to catch a group of friends ahead while my eyes trail his movements until he disappears into the morning rush. I almost gave the effort to speed up my step to his just so I could stay with him a few more moments. “Well I’ll see you at lunch.” But he was too far away to hear me anyway.
The day kept going on like usual until the overflow of kids pushed me into the lunchroom. From my seat I can see a few tables back, through Jessi and Victoria, Matt’s eyes gazing in my direction. We made eye contact but I turned my attention to my table and pretended to be

intrigued in the conversation in front of me while my mind was completely on him from this morning.
The air was crisp but warm with sun coming in bright pink and orange. One hand on the wheel, the other on the middle console with a black t-shirt and jeans, messed up hair he didn’t bother to comb but just ran fingers through to keep from going in all directions. His demeanor made driving with him seem like nothing, but to me it was everything.
“Savannah! Hey! Were you listening at all?” Jessi was snapping her fingers in front of my face to get my attention. But all I saw was the girl with blonde hair, big blue eyes, a perfect laugh and bright smile wrap her arms around Matt, together their smiles were blinding. The perfect couple they were. Jessi must’ve followed my gaze when I ignored her because she started to comment on them “Oh gosh aren’t they just great? I’ve always seen them walking in the halls and didn't know if they were together or not.” She kept rambling on while I pondered the idea of what it would be like to date Matt and the fact he would never find out since kindergarten.


The author's comments:

The people you love most can be right next to you the whole time, it's okay to not say anything at all.

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