The Boy of My Dreams Part 7

June 14, 2017
By _EffortlesslyShnazzy_ PLATINUM, Ooltewah, Tennessee
_EffortlesslyShnazzy_ PLATINUM, Ooltewah, Tennessee
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I locked the door behind me and headed up the stairs to my room, tossing my backpack on the ground beside my tarnished oak desk and my cell phone on my side table. I set my shopping bag down on my bed and gently pulled my dress out from inside the clear plastic. I held it up and admired how the sun made the silver embellishments sparkle like diamonds in the light. I gave it one last longing look and hung it up in my closet.

Flopping down on my bed, I laid there staring up at the ceiling, a lot on my mind. When I heard my phone chime, I moved slowly to pick it up from the side table next to my bed. Seeing who it was from I sat up straight in my bed, clutching my phone tightly in my hand.

Hey! It's Enzo. It took me a few moment to collect my thoughts, but I finally replied.

Hey! -Cassie

How's the work for the project coming along?

My smile drooped a little at the mention of our project. I had hoped he was texting me for another reason.

I haven't done any research since I left school, but I'm excited to see what we can come up with! -Cassie

Me too! Would u like to get together after school tmrw to work on it?

My heart went pitter-patter at his request, even though I knew it wasn't a date.

Yeah! That would be great! Where would u like to meet? -Cassie?

Um . . . how about at the new place--the Corner Cafe--that just opened up a few blocks from the school? Say 4?

Sure, I heard they have really good smoothies haha -Cassie

I guess I have to try one then :) I gotta go. C ya tmrw!

Okay, c ya! -Cassie

I dropped my phone on the bed beside me, a smile covering my face. I soon recovered and pulled my textbooks out of my bag, starting with my Pre-Cal assignment. Math wasn't really my thing. I struggled with applying new concepts to my homework assignments. I had had a math tutor last year for Algebra 2 and she had helped me a lot, but Pre-Cal was a whole new level of math and I would probably need another tutor this year.

I sighed, trying to decipher the numbers and symbols on the page. Thankfully it was the beginning of the school year so the teacher didn't give us a lot of homework. A few problems in, my stomach growled, telling me that it was time to eat something. I walked downstairs and opened the fridge, happy to see that there were sandwich ingredients. I quickly made myself a turkey and cheese sandwich and stuffed it in my mouth, sighing with pleasure. Glancing at the microwave clock I noticed that it was getting late and I needed to finish my Pre-Cal and Physics homework.

The time read 9:15 p.m. when I set down my pencil for the night. I shoved my books into my backpack and set it down beside my door. My eyes were slowly sliding shut so I took a quick shower and dressed for bed before I lost my will to move. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I fell into a deep sleep.

My eyes opened to the noonday sun and I felt the scratchiness of grass beneath me. I turned my head and saw him, laying right beside me, arms folded beneath his head, face turned toward the sun. I smiled down at him and took the time to commit his features to memory. His plump lips were turned up at the corners in a lazy smile and his thick eyelashes rested peacefully against his angular cheekbones. His hair was ruffled by the summer breeze and I laughed to myself because it looked so adorable. So cute that I wanted to reach out and run my hands through the wavy tendrils. I resisted the urge and instead watched him for another moment, watching the way his lips parted every time he took a breath. He looked utterly content and peaceful. I surveyed my surrounding, the vivid green grass beneath me, the vivacious purples, yellows, reds and blues of the flowers scattered around the vast meadow we were in, and the seemingly endless stretch of blue skies above. I laid back down, my face turned toward him and tucked my folded hands beneath my cheek, satisfied to watch him for hours.

A breeze caressed my skin and my eyes closed. I inhaled the fresh smell of grass and the sweet fragrance of flowers. Just as I was about to doze off, he inhaled deeply and turned toward me, his lazy smile brightening at the sight of me.

"Hey," his voice was gruff, but pleasantly so. It tingled my senses and pooled in the pit of my stomach causing my lips to part and a sigh to leave my lips.

"Hey," I replied, my voice breathier than I was expecting.

He reached out with his pointer finger and drew a line from the middle of my hairline down to the tip of my nose. I crinkled my nose and laughed softly, tilting my head. He cupped my face with one hand and rubbed his thumb over the soft skin of my cheek. His thumb flicked the corner of my lip and his eyes darkened to deep pools of ocean blue. My breath caught. Our eyes met and he leaned in slowly, his eyes never leaving mine. I was drowning and there was nothing I could do to save myself.

My eyes closed on their own accord and our lips made contact. At first, it was a light brushing of the skin on skin, but then it quickly became an intentional press. All thought left my mind as we kissed, the feeling of his lips against mine leaving no room for anything else. His hand slipped to the back of my head, fingers becoming tangled in my straight strands and he gently pulled me toward him. I angled my head to deepen the kiss and unconsciously scooted closer to him, the heat emanating from his body drawing me in. His tongue queried for entrance and I parted my lips, allowing him entry. Our tongues danced together, a pattern of quick, intentional strokes and long, lazy caresses. I took his bottom lip between my teeth and gently nipped it, a groan rumbling in his chest and continuing through my body. I trembled, and slid my hand into his hair, tugging lightly on the tufts that my fingers curled around.

We separated to take a breath and gazed into each other's eyes, our breaths coming out in quick pants. His eyes maintained their shade of navy blue and his skin glowed with a fresh layer of sweat. I took deep breaths to get my breathing under control and he did the same. We didn't speak, but something was communicated between us in that moment. He looked around and following his gaze I noticed that the sky had darkened to shades of red, orange and pink. Turning back to him his face blurred in and out of focus. He was going to disappear, like all the other times. Our lips met again for a soft kiss, neither of us wanting to let go. His lower body went first, his legs and feet disappearing before my eyes. I grabbed his hand, desperate to hold on, but then it too vanished and I was left holding air. My eyes roved his face as his arms, chest, and shoulders disappeared and before he was completely gone he whispered, "remember." The world around me soon faded to black and I drifted away. 

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