June 1, 2017
By Danni101 BRONZE, Webster, Texas
Danni101 BRONZE, Webster, Texas
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We were in class, you wanted gum, even though you already had some of your own. You asked everyone in the class for some, and luckily one of our classmates had some. When she opened her bag and threw everything inside of it out in the table, you were in awe on how much stuff she could fit in there and how much gum she owned. She piled all of her gum into a stack, and you kept staring in awe; you couldn’t decide which flavor, and I wanted to joke around with you and say get one of every flavor, but I didn’t. You finally chose a flavor, after minutes of debating which flavor would be the best for the moment. I silently laughed, but you didn’t notice. I look and see that you and your friends were messing around with her, having so much gum. Your friend starts taking pictures and you begin to pose. After a couple of pictures everything goes back to normal, and your table begins telling funny stories and jokes; I see you laugh and smile, that smile is the same smile I saw on the person that I saw in the halls last school year. In that moment I realized that you were the same person that I’ve liked for one year or more. That smile of yours is what I hope to see every day, and I don’t care if it’s towards me or not, all I want is for you to smile every day, and not having to feel like you’re two feet tall, and believing that you’re not worth it when you are. I don’t care what anyone says about you; that warm smile of yours having to light up the room with a soft warm feeling, your eyes having a comforting sensation, your laugh being able to make others laugh, and your personality having to be yourself and weird and being okay with. Your laugh, your smile, your eyes, your voice, your hugs, your personality; just everything about just makes me bubbly and warm inside. We were in class, all you wanted was gum, even though you already had some of your own.

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