Falling In Love

March 24, 2009
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It all begins with that first glance. that leads to the first kiss. the feeling, it's like no other. Love takes time, and patience. Take it slow, and savor every moment. Wait for the right boy. You'll kow hes the one; all you have to do is wait. It's tricky,this love ordeal. At any moment he could break you but you just have to give him your heart nd pray he won't.
the ingredients of love. The need for no one or nothing else but him, that's what love is. Once you find him, don't let him go. Fight through the hard times and tears. Because once you have, you forget your past, you forget all about your tears and the heart that has been broken many times before. When you find him, you'll know your in love, because he is the only thing you'll think of, the only thing on your mind. You will know because he will be the only person on this entire earth that you will ever need

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