Looks Aren’t Everything when it comes to Love

March 23, 2009
By Jackie Othon BRONZE, Douglas, Arizona
Jackie Othon BRONZE, Douglas, Arizona
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She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. That was not just my opinion, every man in the town agreed. She had luscious golden brown hair that ran down her back, soft light skin that glows in any light, and a smile that could fill a dark room with a light so radiant. Ever since she came to town, a fierce competition had developed among the players. Who would be the first to get a shot?
For weeks they tried to win her over. For months they felt they needed her love even more. They acted like perfect gentleman; they acted like macho players; they acted like jocks. All of them acted like some one they truly weren’t just to try to be her “type”. No one really knew what her type was. She saw right through them all. Right through the muscles, the hustlers, the jocks, the preps, and the jerks. She knew exactly who they were even before they went up to her to try to “spit their game”. None of them were what she wanted.
She had become so bored with every one of them. She felt like every man was the same and like they all tried the same things, the same lines, and the same strategies over and over. They felt no one had a shot since they had all tried with all the strength they had. She was happy being single until one day. She was walking down the street and saw a man who made her heart miss a beat, her feet loose their balance, and made one breath forget to come out. This man was unlike all the others. He was tall, yes, slim, yes, but where he was different was his face and his clothes. He had big framed glasses, and he had high pants and a polka-dotted shirt. Why would this man be the one to make her fall? He was what no other man was. He was true, he was real, and he had her heart in the safest place it could be, in his heart. “Looks don’t make a person love you; it’s who you really are…” That’s what she told him the day of their vows.

The author's comments:
Being shallow is never good. Anyone who spends time to get to know about you and like you deserves some of your time to get to know them.

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