Forbidden Love

March 23, 2009
By Shannon Holbrooks BRONZE, Dawsonville, Georgia
Shannon Holbrooks BRONZE, Dawsonville, Georgia
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It all started in a large high school in Florida. With the warm tropical weather you would think that was the perfect place to be. Tall palm trees, pretty blue water, and the sandiest beach you could ever see. What else could you ask for? The talk of the large school was Candice and Nick, two high school seniors. Candice is this pretty, tall, “popular” girl, with blond wavy hair and blue eyes. She also has tan sun-kissed skin. She has cool clothes and the “knight in shining armor” boyfriend; she is also the cheerleading captain. Nick her boyfriend, is this tall, buff, good looking, brown shaggy haired football quarterback. He is very confident about himself and feels like he is the perfect alpha-male. Another person involved in this situation is Olivia. She is Candice’s younger sister, a junior in high school. Olivia has brown wavy hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and is not that “popular.” She has normal or what you call average clothes. The only problem is she has the biggest crush on Nick, Candice’s boyfriend.
It was a very long Tuesday; Candice was having the best day because there was a game that night with their most competitive rival. At three o’clock in the afternoon, Nick went to go meet Candice outside her last class, when all of a sudden he bumped into Olivia and knocked all of her books out of her hands. Nick said “Oh my gosh, are you okay?” Shock responded in his voice.
“Yeah I’m okay.” Olivia said. Olivia looked up to see Nick standing there with his hand raised out to help her up off the ground. The only time that Olivia and Nick ever talked before was when Nick would come and pick Candice up for dates. She blushes and her heart flutters with excitement. She stands up and picks up her books, and they start walking down the hall talking about all of their interests, etc. They stopped at the water fountain on the same hall that Candice’s classroom was on. They chatted for a few minutes and then Candice walks out of the room and sees Nick and Olivia talking and flirting Jealous Candice then pulls herself together and walks up to Nick and Olivia saying, “What is all this about?”
“Nothing, we were just talking about you!” Nick exclaimed.
“Yeah, it sure was a Candice conversation,” Olivia chimes in. Nick then grabs Candice’s hand and they walk towards the end of the hallway. Right before they leave the hallway, Nick turns around to look back at Olivia and he feels like life is good. Olivia then knows that she likes Nick a lot and she would never forget that moment.
After the football game was over, Nick drives Candice home, and they sit in the driveway for a few minutes. Nick says, “Candice, you know you are the perfect girl, but I think I might like Olivia.” All of a sudden he feels like everything is finally off his chest and out in the open.
Candice in disbelief says “Olivia? Which Olivia? Are you talking about my sister Olivia? You’re kidding me right?”
Nick looking at Candice says, “No, I’m not kidding you, I think that I like Olivia.” Candice then looks at Nick and slaps him right on his cheek.
Candice says, “You’re such a jerk, I hope that you two are happy together.” Candice gets out of Nick’s car and runs into her house and locks herself in her room. Olivia hears Candice lock herself in her room, and then looks out the window to see Nick in the driveway. She goes out of her bedroom and walks to Candice’s door, “Are you okay Candice, you seem upset?” no sounds came from Candice’s room, just an awkward silence.
Olivia knocks on Candice’s door and says, “Candice, come on, talk to me.” Candice goes into her bathroom and looks at herself and she feels empty.
She then says “I don’t know Olivia, why don’t you go and ask Nick what is wrong.” Olivia feels like she has something to do with the situation. Olivia goes downstairs and out the front door and Nick sees her and gets out of his car. Olivia is standing on the front porch and Nick walks up to her and says, “Hi, I guess you heard about me and Candice?”
Olivia questioning her thoughts says, “So what did you do to my sister, jerk?”
Nick astonished says, “Why are you calling me a jerk? You don’t even know what happened or the reason.”
Olivia is kind of upset about the situation and says, “So, what happened?”
Nick gets up the courage and says, “What happened was I broke up with Candice, and the reason is because I like somebody else.”
Olivia says, “Who is the person?”
Nick is feeling nervous and grabs Olivia’s hand and says, “The person is you. You make me feel like the luckiest person in the world. I get to be around you all the time. Olivia I like you a lot.”
Olivia feels confused and says, “I need time to think about this.” She runs inside and goes into her room and cries. Nick gets into his car and goes home. Candice comes out of her bathroom and lays on her bed and eventually falls asleep. Olivia goes into her bathroom and gets ready for bed. She leaves her bathroom to go to bed and falls asleep.
The next morning is Wednesday; Olivia wakes up and feels confused about the night before. She gets ready for school and goes downstairs to the living room and sits on the couch. Candice wakes up and feels like a loser because her boyfriend broke up with her for her younger less prettier sister. Candice then walks downstairs and sees Olivia sitting on the couch in the living room. Olivia looks over at Candice and Candice is giving her this dirty look that makes Olivia feel uncomfortable. “So, what did Nick tell you last night?”
Candice says rudely. “Oh, nothing. Just talking.”
Olivia answered kindly. “Sure. Lets go to school now.”
Candice says. “Fine. Lets go.” Olivia blurts out. They both go to Candice’s car and get in and drive to school in a very awkward silence. Whenever they get there Candice walks in the building and sees all of her friends and she suddenly feels depressed then she runs to them and starts crying. Olivia walks in the school and heads straight to her locker and avoids Candice and her friends completely. Candice leaves her friends and she walks to her first class. As the day goes on Candice and Olivia both feel bad and good about the whole thing. Olivia feels good because Nick told her that he liked her. She feels bad because he was Candice’s boyfriend. Candice on the other hand feels good because she can date someone else and start a new beginning. She feels bad because it was her sister.
A Couple of days later, at twelve o’clock in the afternoon, Nick slips a note on Olivia’s desk that says, “Olivia please meet me at the water fountain that we first talked at. The time that I will be there is three o’clock. I would like to talk to you. Signed Nick.” Olivia felt astonished that Nick had asked her to meet him at the water fountain. The bell rang for lunch and Olivia walked to the lunch line and got her food and went to go and sit with her friends at the table. Candice did the same but she went and sat with Kevin. Kevin is Nick’s best friend; he has short brown hair, very built, tall, and is also a senior football player. He looked at Candice and saw a completely different person. He feels attracted to her now. Kevin had never thought of Candice like that before, but he does now. She had some sort of radiant beauty about her that day. All Kevin wanted to do that second was to ask her to be his girlfriend. He said “Candice I have to tell you something.” Candice looked at him, she knew something big was going to happen, she just didn’t know what.
Candice said, “Okay, what do you have to tell me?” Kevin was getting butterflies in his stomach with all the nervousness.
Kevin said, “Candice I like you, and I hope that you feel the same way, or I will feel dumb saying that.” Candice was feeling shocked and excited she wanted to jump over the table and give him a big hug.
Candice said, “Kevin you know what, I like you too and I want to be your girlfriend, you have all these good qualities about you, and I like that.”
Kevin gets out of his chair and walks over to Candice and gives her a big hug and says, “Candice will you be my girlfriend?” Candice is so happy and completely forgets about Nick and Olivia.
She says, “Yes Kevin, I will be your girlfriend.” Candice goes over to Olivia and tells her that she and Kevin were going out and Olivia didn’t feel guilty anymore. She felt happy for her sister and said, “Congratulations Candice.” The lunch bell rang for lunch to end. Everyone walks back to their classes after lunch. As the day goes on Olivia feels anxious about meeting Nick at the water fountain. At three o’clock Olivia goes to the water fountain and sees Nick already standing there. She walks over and says, “Hi Nick, I’m sorry about the other night. I really like you but, it was just to early for you to say that to me, but I’m glad that you said it.”
Nick looks in Olivia’s eyes and says, “Olivia I really like you and I would like you to be my girlfriend, so what do you say?” Olivia has been waiting for this moment for a long time.
She says, “Yes I will be your girlfriend.” Nick leans in for a kiss and their lips touch and it is like a million fire works going off. Every amount of tension among everyone is completely gone. In the end it is like a fairy tale ending. Everything works out for the best. Forbidden love conquered all.

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