A Frightful yet Beautiful night

March 21, 2009
By Shweetastic GOLD, Eatonville, Washington
Shweetastic GOLD, Eatonville, Washington
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AraKana walked down the hall, her mask gloriously fitted to her fine face. Her dark red dress fitted to her body like it was painted on. As she stood by the giant grand staircase she thought about the many people here, mingling with the ones many people that they would never talk to in their entire lives. Why? Well because it was simply unheard of for the proper families of this country to talk or interact in the first place with the middle class commoners. Luckily AraKana did not care for this. She was one of those rowdy 18 year olds, just found her way, now an adult; she was grade a responsible for herself, and wanted nothing else but to make friends with everyone and have a good time. The moment came, the night of her life. She would be brought in properly as the Princess now 18 it was her duty as not queen quite yet, but a queen in training. And her first line of duty was to through a grand ball. The great masquerade.
As AraKana walked down the staircase, she noticed the grand ball room full of over excited people. A ball where they hid their faces from the world; a party of proportions even the King could not think of. They were having a time of pure atmospheric melody. As she walked into the room a light lit the middle of the ball room. She could see a man in a black mask with a slight hint of blue at the edges. She blushes behind her mask a slight pink. She makes it look like nothing but it’s hard as she stumbles slightly to the left in her high heels. She walks to the hidden man she has never seen before. Even his aura is different to her. She can tell that he is new to her. New to this kind of thing; as she looked at him with a tight fist feeling in her stomach, she felt a slight tug toward her like someone had tied a rope around her waist and pulling her to the un-known.
AraKana started to ponder her thoughts slightly. What if this was a bad idea. What if he was someone who was paid to make her fall for him and then kill her. What if…. She cut herself off as she saw the man hold out his had to her. AraKana took his hand and was pulled into his intoxicating nature. His touch was like heaven had come down and shown a light upon her. Who was he? Was he different, well, then what?
As she pondered the situation the man danced with her to the waltz, her favorite dance of all. As they danced, they went outside to the gazebo that was light with tiny candles all around. It gave off the most perfect eerie and the most romantic glow possible. She was falling in love with this man she had just met. Not even the slightest indication of his face and she feels overwhelming passion and love toward this being.
As they danced beneath the moonlight and candles, she began to shake. He leaned her back, His hand holding perfectly at the crease of her back. As AraKana leaned back with his motions she put her hand on his neck. The stranger pulled her up and their faces were slightly apart, yet noses were touching. She breathed “who are you” And at that simple moment he motioned to kiss her, He kissed the edge of her lips; A tempting kiss. AraKana looked at him, Heart broken, yet madly in love. As he lifted her his mask, the face of her longest lasting, And oldest friend was before her. “Why? Jacob, Why now? Why did you not tell me--“
She was cut off by the mans to fingers pressed against her lips.
“For years I have loved you, and for years I have not been able to tell you what I feel because of our different status. Either way I loved you and this tonight was the best and most perfect opportunity to do so. AraKana my darling, I love you. I love you more than you could ever have imagined.”
As Jacob knelt down, he took her hand in his too. He preyed to himself and lovingly kissed her hands with pure love.
“Marry me, my darling. Nothing else matters to me, But finally reaching you and getting your hand in marriage would be the best thing in this disastrous world…
I want no status; I do not care about being King. I just want you. My love, All I know and need is you.”
As AraKana looked down at him, she started to cry slighting. She new a reason that she was connected to him, instantly attracted to this man, of her dreams. It was her best friend. The man she had been dreaming about for months now. Finally asked her that one unexpected question; and she wept, she kissed him and she wept. That night she would never forget; Ever in her long life to live. That was the night her dreams came true.

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This is on my my Deviant art. I wanted to submit it so here.

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