Love without Borders

May 24, 2017
By Anonymous

In modern day america things aren't perfect. There is racism and homophobia everywhere you go. Even our president Donald Travis has been labeled as these two. You'd think that he'd never find true love, he doesn't have an open mind or an open heart . Especially with a country so diverse and filled with immigrants. Well, maybe people can change. A simple immigrant hoping  to make a new life in a land of opportunities. Juan Flan works for the government in the White House as Donald Travis cleaner for their dog who is constantly making a mess in the yard. Donald had always been so rude to Juan and has been calling him a lazy mexican who needs to leave the country. Jaun is hurt by all that he says and does to him. Juan finally stands up to this powerful bully. Once, he confronts Mr. Travis , Donald begins to cry. Jaun is confused and feels as though he hurt the tough Donald. Donald whispers ”I'm so sorry, I've treated you the way I have, I know that I have made this hell for you. It's just that I love you.  It's hard for me to keep this inside with society and the government constantly  telling me who I should be and who I should support I have to live this life of a lie and  I don't know if you feel the same ,but I'm madly in love with you and everyday I wish  I could just undo all the bad I have done ,but I can't. Maybe I know that this isn't gonna work out because I don't know how you feel about male with male. I do really love you Juan.” Juan fell silent he tensed up and his flesh turned into the color of red. He drops to his knees knowing he's overwhelmed. He to loves Donald Travis, but with all the years that he's  treated him like he is worthless. Juan was slowly getting over him. At this point Juan doesn't know what to say or do. Neither does Donald he doesn't know if Juan is in love with him as much as he is with Juan . They both get together and cry they let their tears fill the empty silence. Knock Knock . Both of them look at each other and Donald yells at whoever is at the door to leave. Donald looks at Juan's eyes and smiles, Juan smiles back. Donald does something that he  would never do. Confidence and courage over threw his fear and anxiety. He reached his head towards Juan and pressed his lips against the flesh toned lips of Juan. For a second, the whole world feels like it has no gravity and sunshine shines brighter  the air seems fresher to breathe. Their hearts connect with every kiss they share and their hearts skip a beat to every touch they share. Everything seems perfect and time stops. No one was prepared for what happened after their last first kiss. Donald's wife Melania opens the door impatiently and starts to whisper under breathe as if she is practicing what she was gonna get Donald in trouble for. “Donald i've been knocking on your door for the past hundred years. I know you need your privacy but if you don't answer it makes me think that you are dieing or something happened.”
She whispers madly. Surprised she screeches when she sees the two men in the room holding each other in their arms and locking a kiss. She is speechless, angry and, paralyzed with shock. A tear falls to the floor it shakes all the tension in the room she leaves with a calm walk holding her words in. Donald already knows what an angry wife can do to a cheating husband. He worries his heart beats under his throat he can’t breathe. Donald and Juan look at eachother and get up and take a minute to think of a plan and take in all the pain and love and emotions that suffocated. All at the same moment, they take a deep breathe to let out all the fear and sadness overtaking them.They seperate, going their own different ways so that they could meet each other later, pretending nothing happened.

Travis wife snatches Donald as he shakes through the hallways.

“ This is ridiculous Travis this is absolutely the worst decision you could have ever done to this country and to our family.” screeches Melania.

“This is who I am and I can't change” whispers Donald with guilt surrounding his words.

“ No it's not your lying to yourself and the rest of the damn world.What am I supposed to say to our children?! That thier father is fa**** and loves dark dirty skins!”

“ I think I have lied to you and I have been lying to myself for over 15 years. I'm not a homophobic and neither am I racist!” Shouts Travis.

“Donald you are lying to yourself and I can't even think of you being my husband, this is disgusting you probably have STDs and who knows what else.”

“Your evil I hope the world knows how evil you are.”

“ Oh No, I can already imagine what people are gonna say on the news except, I am going to look like the victim. I am the one who got cheated on I am the one who is going to be humiliated. Your turning me into an embarrassment in this country.” says Melania with panic.

That's not true no one is gonna make fun of you”

“Watch Donald, by tomorrow people are gonna say some BS” she cries as she pinches her arm with anxiety.
After the argument, the conversation was recorded and leaked. Headlines were exaggerated and told lies. Some read “ Donald Cheated on Wife.”Others stated “First Lady's racists remarks.” Many took rumors to a point that was false in complete accusation. “ Love Triangle Gone Wrong” accusing the Melania and the president and his poor gardenier have an intimate relationship with each other at the same time.

The word got around fast and sooner or later everyone heard about the affair. Throughout the White House whispers were heard everywhere and judgement in people's eyes stalked the family. Everything escalated, eventually sooner or later it somehow got out the media and into the heads of many citizens. Hate filled the air and anger beat everyones souls. All they ever knew about their president was not true. Everyone's hate was brought up from Donald and now with no control they don't know what to believe in. Others happy with the fact that Donald finally realized that he had been lying to himself and the rest of the country that LGBT and immigrants and minorities were cancer to a country. People got together to love and praise the new truth that could possibly change the whole world. Devastated felt the other half of the country. They felt like they were being punished by the gods above. Those who hated Donalds actions made sure to explain why in extreme details. Specifically, why they had anger rushing through their veins.


“ It's against my religion!”

“That not right!”

“He's going to hell!”

“It's adam and eve not adam and steve!”

There was an ongoing battle between right and wrong. Between morals and beliefs. 

Something had to be done. Donald Travis was still the president of the United States he still deserved to be respected . A meeting was held to talk about the problems of the country. Everyone came, those who supported ,and those who did not. Murmur was heard through the crowd and into the ears of the president. Anxiety and tension pressured him. Criticism and anger burned his skin. Kindness and respect kissed his cheeks. He felt the eyes of his wife glazing him until he turn around to her and she quickly look away knowing that she couldn't control all her anger if he kept looking at her. Donald cleared his thoughts and brought Juan to his side.  Both, slowly took a synchronized breath and held eachothers hands and walk to his pedestal. They saw the crowd glaring at them. They were some sort abstract art, the citizens only trying to figure them out. Most didn't know what to say they were confused  they were sad and they were happy. Lots of bright smiles showed and many anti gay signs bounced up and down. Peace signs waved throughout the dense crowd . At this moment Donald smiled at the crowd. He took the time to silence the crowd and slowly bring everyone to hear them.

“I know I am not the person you all thought I was but I am better I have realized that I have been lying to you and myself. I am sorry I am gay and I can never hide this and my lover is hispanic. I was pretending I was a racist because I wanted your vote. I wanted to be the person the world wanted me to be. Also the thing many of you feared. People can not change their view, but we can change our hearts I believe that racism and gay hatred has become a bigger problem because of me and my actions. What I have said and done have been a great effect. For this I  apologize. I am a terrible president i've  awoken a layer of hatred that we were slowly starting to forget but it has risen once again because of me and I never wanted that to happen in the first place. Love is love and we need to accept it . I love Juan and that will never change.”said the president with relief in his voice.

He continued, “True love should not be up to debate. I love Juan and we are completely different people and that shouldn't change your perspectives on people. We need to have more self love. This country is full of hate and that should not be the way things are. I think that we just need to get together and appreciate each other and our differences. I am going to tell you guys the ugly truth. We are a country full of racism and homophobia, we are murderers, rapists, thieves and, liers. We need to stop. We can't label people and we can't give ourselves to hate what we think is evil. We know that a lot of you aren't gonna agree with us, and perhaps you guys are gonna start a riot or march or some type of hate group. I can't  change your perspectives but i'm just trying to make you have an open mind and open heart. Thank you.”

Silence and only silence was heard. Slowly a clap cleared the emptiness. Another clap sounded. The crowd roared with cheers and claps and the rhythmic smiles of the country. There were those who weren't happy they too yelled. Angry men and women yelled threats and anger, but they also realized they could not do much for their country. Donald figured their plan out and they knew they couldn't destroy the government.

Finally Donald held Juans hand in the air and shouted. “LOVE IS LOVE!”

Donald and his lover walk together towards the door after their speech. Suddenly  something falls by their feet. Someone yells “A bomb!” They run towards the building and hide trying to create a shield. A giant explosion bounces them. They fly through the air for a for a minute. There are screams and shout. All that Donald could think is if crowd from the outside are safe. He knows that everything is going wrong ,but he can't control the people. The only possible thing to do is find justice for those they hurt. He trembles with panic and stress.No One  knows what to do. He runs out hearing his own breathe more with every fast paced step he takes. Luckily nobody is hurt. He doesn't know if he can control what is happening he can't control people's actions. He sits with Juan and they begin thinking of different options and ideas that they can do that could help the control and the chaos. They think of staying and taking care of the country and the other half of them think they should leave the country and make a new life with no problems and no hate, and they think that this could be a great idea. Although, there are a lot of pros and cons. They just want to be able to fall in love with each other and hold one another. They want to kiss in public without people judging them. They want to sit by the beach and drink under the sun. They know they have barely expressed their feeling for each other. Their love  has been present for as long as Juan has been working for the White House. Both know this is true love and nothing will ever get in the middle of their true love.

After two days both Donald and Juan get random calls from unknown people. They get calls from their family and their friends and other business workers. Lots of them say they won't support them, others said  that they are more than happy for the both of them. Juan gets a call from his family from mexico who are very happy about their love. Although, they are christian and they don't support gay marriage they are still happy that Juan was able to find someone. Juans mother tells Donald that they always have a home over here in Mexico. They will keep them  a secret and not tell anyone. They will take care of them if they ever wanna get away from the madness they just don't want him to get in trouble. Donald and Juan know they have an option for their escape plan, but first they must fix the country.

They host a meeting and agree that this is only causing trouble. Those in the meeting agree to change his presidency and agree that Hillary Clifton to take over the country. Now there is a women in office who supports gay marriage and diversity. Donald knew he couldn't run a successful country. He is relieved  to let Hillary control the country especially in the hands of a professional. Donald has high hopes for her. He made a mistake bringing hate to the United States. Travis now wishes that Mrs. Clifton can restore the country.

The couple agree that they will need to start a new life in Mexico with Juan's family that live b the beach. Juan and Donald pack their bags together, and all that they will need to start a new life in Mexico with Juan and his family who live by the beach. They hop on the plan together, the world stares at them like they are crazy. Both don't care, they focus on being together. They decide that they just want to live a peaceful life together forever and ever. They arrive at Mexico and make their first trip and stop by the beach. A kiss is shared on the sandy beach. After a week of tanning on the beach they check up on the U.S to check how things are going. Donald is happy to see that everything is under control and that Hillary is taking good care of the people. Happy and pleased they set their phones down and continue having dinner while watching the sunset across the teal crystal clear ocean.

One dark evening, Juan stands by the orange tree planted in his mother's garden. Looking of the the setting sky. Donald approaches Juan with worry stuck in his mind.

“Do you love me?” questioned Donald.

“Te amo porque?” whispered Juan. He pulled out his hands to touch Donald's soft face with his fingertips. At this  moment Donald lets out a small tear that landed in the palms of Juan.

“I feel like I cause to much trouble for you. All I do is ruin your life.”

“That's not true” says Juan with certainty.

“ How could you love someone like me, I've hurt you more than I have showed how I  love you. I have damaged you for all those years you've worked for me and i've used racial slurs and stereotypes. I've just been so rude to you and you don't deserve that.”

“Wait what are you trying to say that I don't deserve you?!” yells Juan.

“ No no, that came out completely wrong what i'm trying to say is that I'm sorry for the way I was. I am sorry for all the things I have told you and the way I have treated you.” says Donald with panic.

“Oh..” Silence seems to eat away the dirt land and tension.

“I love you I really do and I don't want to do anything to damage this relationship with you. I love you more than anything in this world.” Whispers Donald with a hope of acceptance.

“ Yo tambien te amo. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I want to be able to hold your hand and kiss your lips and see you every morning when you wake up and make your coffee. Yo te love you Donald no matter who you are and no matter what you say or do. Just promise me you will change your ways and learn from your mistakes.”

“Of course my love.”

The sky is full of stars and there is laughter and talk from the people of the small town in mexico.The breeze hits them and like a spell and they fall asleep next to each other.

Everything seems still in time, and everyone and everything seems perfect. Although, there are many problems stopping them from having total happiness. They find a way to overcome this. The fight to overcome the hate and obstacles stopping them. They fall in love once again everyday. The U.S has its problems that maybe will never be fixed. For now, Clifton holds the United States in her arms , like a mother holds her child. Happiness is never going to permanently here but,  for now they have love and that is all that matters in life.

The author's comments:

Donald Travis the president of the United States of America falls in love with an immagrant worker named Juan Flan. Short story about conflict, self beloning, and love.

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