The Night We Met

May 21, 2017
By hopeodonnell BRONZE, Purcellville, Virginia
hopeodonnell BRONZE, Purcellville, Virginia
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The night we met, I didn't know would mean so much. I didn't know it would be the start of us and something I never knew I wanted. The night we met turned into many nights of us exploring the road and letting it take us anywhere we wanted. We would stop to look up at the stars and just talk for hours. There were late night drives to get ice cream and catch the latest movie playing at the theater. We would dance in the middle of the street to no music only listening to our laughter pour out as we stumbled on each other’s feet. The night we met changed everything and suddenly I was scared. This feeling was new and consuming me whole. I didn't know how to handle it or tell you what was going on. We started fighting and our nights together became less and less. We started to drift and our laughter faded along with us. But I miss you and I never meant to lose you. Just take me back to the night we met.

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