Alyssa and Lucke

May 18, 2017
By nmartine0722 BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
nmartine0722 BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
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Once there was a girl named Alyssa and she lived life without taking an risks or making any mistakes. She was not living life the way a kid her age should. He life was always simple and never hard. She never had anything to hide from her mother and her father shae had never met. Her mother raised her alone and just wanted to keep her from making the same mistakes she made by having her at a young age. Only day she noticed that she had was getting new neighbors. She saw through her bedroom window that there was a young boy that looked her age and was absolutely curious  who he was.

A couple weeks had passed and she was going out to get the mail just like any other day and he was there doing the same thing and he was lost he her beauty and knew at that moment that he had to do everything in his power to find out who she is. Now she had been to shy to take a risk in taking to a stranger let alone a  boy. He walked up to her “Hi I’m Lucke” she was said nothing due to the shock he even noticed her. “ Do you live around here” he said “ I actually live a door down from you...well it was nice to met you but I have to go.” “I didn’t get your name” “It’s Alyssa” she quickly went into her house to shy to continue any other conversion. 

Alyssa was overtaken with the passion of music and the way it made her body move. She loved to dance. She would go to this small meadow not far from where she lived, she loved it because it was somewhere that she could be free and herself with nobody to silence  her or judge her for just being herself. She would spend hours at a time there. She would just put on her headphones and just dance sometimes she would just lay there with her eyes closed shut and think about everything about life and picturing herself dancing all around the world.
One day she had just got into a fight with her mother about everything she could be doing better but she didn’t wanna hear it when she was trying harder than anyone else. She went out to take out all of her frustration and just dance. She had been expressing herself and taking out everything at the moment and he had not noticed that there was someone watching her. Luke got up and clapped “That was amazing” he said. She was embarrassed and said nothing and just ran away. He layed in bed that night thinking how to get through to her. He saw something in her that he had never seen in anyone else and he wanted to figure out what an amazing person she is.

He started to pick up on the times she went out to the meadow and he would leave a note and a small gift for her each time she went out there. The first note said “ Hi, i just wanted to say Hi and I do not wanna scare you off so i will leave you these not also drink some water. It's a hot summer day” leaving this note on a water bottle a tree. She smiled and wanted to met him but was too shy to even be around him. She wrote back to him “ I am sorry I do not mean to be rude I am just shy and nobody talks to me. Why do you want to” and she left the note there for him to see the next day.

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