May 10, 2017
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As you all know love can change everything and sometimes in a good way.
Good way love can be like best friends or your girlfriend or your boyfriend.
Bad love can be really bad and upsetting sometimes because to your age you wouldn’t know what love is and sometimes it can be harmful due to what you and boyfriend are going through inducing fighting over little things and sharing family problems.
Each problem will make you realize how you're doing in your relationships and how you're treating each other each day.
You can be boyfriends and girlfriends but sometimes there can be an obsession and you will do whatever it takes to you get them back or you will do whatever you want to have them in order for you to feel like you're happy with them but know that you just obsessed with them.

Alas once you're attached to them it will be very hard for you to move on or them to let you escape.

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