Love Story

May 15, 2017
By RocioPaola BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
RocioPaola BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
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On a sunny morning, birds humming and a bright sky. The sun was rising people were waking up to a beautiful day. There were people jogging and having a good morning. Meanwhile people were getting up early Johnathan was more than half asleep. He was a very heavy sleeper that not even a bomb can wake him up. Although he wanted to sleep forever he couldn't unfortunately he had to get up for his first day of classes. It was the beginning of his senior year so there was no way he couldn't go. He was excited because after all his parents treated him like a baby still. He got whatever he wanted and needed. He had a the dream car everyone wanted so he was basically the ideal boy of every girl. Many girls were in love with him. Even though he was the dream boy they wanted, it wasn’t what he was looking for. Afterall he was heading to school ready to start the first day of classes, forgetting about girls.

To start the day he was headed to pick up his schedule for his classes, but while at it he saw his friends, they talked and laughed about how there summer went. They were talking and laughing so much they forget they had bells and they were about 5 minutes late. They all decided to head to each others  class room and from there they were going to meet up during lunch. So then Jonathan headed to class and when he got there it was silent. Except for the group of bad kids in the back of the classroom. He took a seat while the teachers was teaching the lesson. During the lesson plan, the principle interrupted and announced there was an exchange student coming from texas. Her name was Carolina. She was a pretty short girl with good grades. The welcomed her as a class and took a seat, but the seat was right next to Jonathan. He had never felt so shy before until now. He realized that Carolina might just be for him.  So he introduced himself to her and they met for the first time. He wasn’t the only one that caught eyes for her but a kid named David did too. Jonathan realized it was going to be hard to convince her but he knew he could. So, eventually they decide to exchange numbers to get to know eachother better.

After a few times hanging out together, Jonathan knew he liked her. Then David decide to get in between them and try to take Carolina away from him. So there was competition, but eventually Jonathan was going to do something about it. David did whatever he can just to get her away from him because he didn't like jonathan. There was arguments sometimes and even times where they would almost fight. Jonathan had finally realized it was time to take the bigger step. He finally asked her to be his girlfriend after a few months had passed by. As Soon as they started dating the rumor went around and ended up with David. He was so pissed he knew he had to do something about it anytime. So then caroline and jonathan knew that there were going to have to fight for each other sinces they loved eachother so much. After a few months had passed by they had a special dinner to celebrate for being together.

The day had come there romantic dinner was planned out. Jonathan was going to surprise her with dinner and gift. But that night they had a bad feeling that something might go wrong. Jonathan and Carolina were gonna get ready and then he was gonna pass by to pick her up later that night. SO after a few hours of getting everything prepared he was now on his was to his girlfriend's house. On his way there he was nervous and anxious just to see the smile on her face of excitement. Once he got there to his house he was amazed. He fell eve more in love with her long hair, long dress and the beautiful smile she always had. They were ready now , heading to dinner. It was a surprise so he blindfolded her on his way there. It was pretty far to get to the favorite restaurant he liked so he played music and sang to her. She was completely in love with him.

On his way there there was a lot of traffic so it took him vene longer than he expected. Almost getting there one of David's friends saw them driving on there way there so he followed them. David was the kid that gave orders to hi friends and they did  them. So as soon as he told David, he was angry so he told him you either crash their car or Ima kill you. SO eventually he knew he was going to have to do it. Suddenly jonathan felt a bad vibe. A sudden crash occurred his girlfriend didn't know what was going on since she was blindfolded she was knocked out. Her boyfriend was bleeding after getting pushed off the highway down a hill into a house. They crash was pretty bad for them but on the other hand David's friends was completely fine he had drove off without them knowing who had done that to them. Some cars immediately pulled over to help them get out and some were trying to get help everyone was calling 911. A few minutes help had arrived.They told them what they saw but Jonathan and Caroling weren't receiving any signals they were completely gone. They were rushed immediately to the hospital. Police were looking out for the reason it occurred. Many people gave the information they saw and with that information they are going to be able to get the person that did it with that an the video camera footage that is -placed on the highway.

After all they were okay now finally breathing back and they woke up from the bad crash they had got into. They were so upset they didn't make it to the dinner they were expecting to go but they did get to find out who did it. Once they found out who did it they sent police after them. Till then they were going to have to remain a few days in the hospital. A few days passed and the police came in to tell them the reasons and why. David's friend confessed he told him to do it or he was going to die so he did it and since he confessed they were going to arrest david and him as well. They were now feeling a little bit better knowing there was justice now for what they did. They had made David and his friend apologize and pay for all the damages and they were given 20 years in prison. Moments like that were scary but they knew that together they can get through it. They were finally released after being there a week and a half. They went home to Jonathan's family first and then his girlfriends. They know knew nothing was going to get in between them. They had  three goals planned. Afterall, David regretted everything, apologized and now serving his sentence along with his friend. They eventually were forgiven by Jonathan and Carolina. They then moved together and went to school to finish their high school. They were the couple ost liked at school because after all they never left each other's side even after an accident. They continued school from there college, and they ended up together for a long time.

The author's comments:

It's a love story.

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