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May 12, 2017
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I sit on the concrete steps. My hair, red, gleaming, dances frantically about the the wind. I am cold, I forgot a jumper again. And, as I wait for the one I am meeting I wonder if I will always be here, obviously not, right? I wrap my arms around me tightly and wait for the swarms of students to fill the courtyard in front of me. I watch the sun, slowly rising above me, as it does spreading an orange glow. I can't understand why he wanted to meet me so early. It doesn't make a difference anyway, people are still at the school.

I see him at the end of the courtyard, he is as he always is: with a school uniform polo, black jeans and a black coat. He sees me and starts to walk in my direction. I can see his brown hair dancing frantically like mine. He sits next to me. I say,


“I'm sorry I'm late.”

“Late? School hasn't even started.”

“Late for this.”

“Yeah, I was thinking about... this. Why did we have to meet at the crack of dawn?”

“I was hoping to see you before I left.”


“I'm moving to Canada.”

I sit, stunned, chest tight and breathing uneven. My best friend for three years is moving to Canada. All I can say is,


“It isn't my decision.”

“Why are you only telling me now?”

“I wanted to enjoy our last few weeks ignorant.”

“But, we could've done so much more...”

I am interrupted, Dan kisses me, actually kisses me. This I did not expect, we've been friends for so long. Had I ever thought about it? Would it be so bad? It lasts a couple seconds, then he gets up and walks away, before he is out of earshot he stops and turns to me.

“Bye.” He says. “I had to do that at least once before I left. I'll send you a postcard.”

I just sort of sit there motionless for a bit. Dan leaves the courtyard. Our conversation was so short but so impactful, I feel like a bomb just went off. All of the school is looking at me, to see how I'll react I suppose. A girl in junior walks up to me. She sees my expression and sits next to me,

“What's wrong?”

“I think I need to plan a train trip.” I say.

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