Roses and Secerts

May 12, 2017
By MadisonEASON BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
MadisonEASON BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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A older yet younger looking Lady walked at a rather fast pace clipping her heels against the concrete marble. She was dressed in a gown cloaked over in a brown cotton material with black and silver lace. Her average slim body graced with power as the crown on her head said it all. As she turned the corner her and her ladies confronted the Young Prince.
“Where Does a young man like you disappear to in the early morning hour after his dusty waitress feeds him breakfast?” asked the Royal monarch. 
The Young Prince looking a bit unusual “ Off to a Morning ride is all” “Three weeks in a row?” The Queen, Catherine, declared with one eyebrow c***ed.
The Young Prince, Logan bash De Guise of France, a 16 year old boy nodded and move aside and slipped away quickly. He quickened his pace and hurried to the stables. The boy with his flowing cloak of gold and yellow, hoisted his slim body over a bulky thoroughbred, and on they went. Prince logan strode off into the Forbidden Forest, were pageans stayed , worshiped, and sacrificed. As he rode the sun shined through the trees and reflected all of its natural beauty. But the true horror lied at the crack of the moon's light. Logan hurried out of the forest and he came to a safe area known as “ The Fairy pool of isle”.
As he strode out of the dark dense, gloomy forest, to the Fairies playground. He slowed down and let his horse rest as he walked over clover fields and his brown short hair danced in the wind. This had been his favorite place to come and avoid all his woes back at french court. He had lain his body on a rock to where the lavender colored leaves protected him from the streaming rays of sunlight. He closed his eyes. He listened. He listen to the world move around his. The wind singing and the grass tangling up like a newlywed couple. Then..a noise. A melody, whispered into bashes ear. HIs blue eyes flutter open and he sa up and looked around. A maid from the castle was standing maybe 35 feet from him along the coast line.
Bash watched her carefully as her white, long hair fell straight down her body which was curved by god's own hands. She wore a secrets spy uniform on and she laid down her bow and sword made of diamond and pearl. She sat down and revealed a open wound. Bash remembered growing up with her, Lula marion. Bash slowly started to slowly approach her slowly. He got in hands grasp but she quickly swiped his feet from out from under him and rolled on top f him holding a knife to his throat.
“Where are you fro..Bash?” said the mysterious white headed friend. “How long have you been near me?”
Bash chuckled “ I'll gladly tell you if you remove your blade from my throat.”
She complied. “I have been coming out here since i was a younger boy, it's calm, beautiful, free. I feel so trapped in french court.” bash sighed.
“How did you have time to? I was always by your side?” she looked at bash puzzled.
“After the Duke claimed you and took you away at 9 i've been coming here.”bash looked away.
Bash and Lula had a connection as children. That more than the children could ponder.
“So, how did you find the fairylands?” bash questioned.
“I am on my own. The Duke tried marrying me off. I spit in my “husbands” face and kneed him and left him in the floor to cry.” Lula said with a slight smirk.
“You don't change much do you lu?” bash laughed.
“No, but i`m looking for a position in French Court.” lula looked down in a slight shameful face.
“I`m The Keeper of horses and military companies, i'd be more than obliged to name you my second in command associate. I don't doubt your leadership skills and ability to take care of yourselves and others.” Bash smiled.
Lula thought for a moment. “I'd be more than honored to help.”
Bash held out his hand to help her up. He reach and accidentally pulled on her wound and she fell down. “Ouch!” she fell and hit the ground. Bash turned her arm over. Lulas arm split way open with blood gushing out and her skin turning inside out. He quickly turned her arm over and pulled out a cloth. He started to wrap it around her arm and tie it off.       “That should hold till we reach french court.” They started walking to bashes horse as she collapses from amount of blood loss in her arm.       Bash caught her lightweight body and hoisted himself and her on his horse. Bash flew like lightning thru a metal shield. Until finally he reached French court.       “Aiden, quickly take this woman and fetch nostradamus, she has lots too much blood.” Aiden one of bashes men from company 3, takes ahold of Lula and throws her over his shoulder and up to Nostradamus's sanctuary.           Bash had order a spy to find the truth behind lula, the Duke had never acted the part of betrayal. Bash made his way into the castle trying to avoid the obvious stares from the whores lingering in the castle lying to the rich men about their virtue. He made way to his chambers to find Nostradamus and Lula on his bed, Nostradamus was healing her wound with his mixes of potions and poisons. For an odd reason Bash felt the urge to be by her side. He removed all his weaponry and his coat  and shoes, and he climbed on his bed beside and and listened to her scream in pain and agony. He reached for her hand, at first she was scared and pulled back but he grabbed her hand again and she calmed.
“Bash?” her voice choked up. Her wet face and red puffy eyes turned to face him. Bash reached for her face and wiped away a tear.
“May I speak with you for a moment?” nostradamus said.
Bash laid her arm down and gave her a loving look. He stood up and followed him outside his chamber doors.
“ The wound will heal with time. But there is something you should know. Her wound was made by a spindled arrow that's made to dwell into hearts of an unknown enemy. She will need rest and care. With that i shall be back in a few hours to check on her.” as he parted from bash, bashes spy came and whispered to him..
“She is from the Duke, but not on account of running away from a marriage. An ambush from England, she fled for her life and had to wear those clothes she has on now on account for her safety. The Duke is hidden somewhere in scottish territory. The ambush isn't a England Military ambush but a catholic ambush against protestants. There prize money on her head, but also prize money to return her Safely to the Duke. The wound on her arm is from a hired warrior from the spanish wars.”
“Thank you Cadance, your service will be no longer needed until further notice” and with that Cadance turned and walked away.
Bash turned and opened the chamber doors and walked back to where Lula laid crying.
“How are you feeling?” lula turned and looked at him.
“Awful I have a giant gash in my arm.” she slightly chuckled with a sour face.
“I need the truth Lula, what actually happened to you back with the Duke? The Duke always seemed to favor you more so than anyone else including his wife.” Lulas face fell pale and she jumped up.
“I can't say.. I have to go Bash thank you for your help but I need to leave.” She quickly stood up but fell due to fatigue.
“Wait, lula. What's wrong?” Bash caught her and laid her back down on the bed.
She laid down and started to cry bash took ahold of her hand.
“The truth this time Lu.” Lula looked up and began to speak.
“The Duke was ambushed for my head. My parents they were dead right after I was born because of a Catholic movement. They called for my head because i'm their daughter and they think I have the Key to the hidden Catholic church. It used to be a winery. The Duke sent me in spies clothing and dressed as a male so I could make it back to French Court. The men got there as I was escaping. A warrior i suppose hit me with a swiveled arrow and cut deep. I managed to remove the arrow myself. I'm scared for once in my Life. The Duke, a father to me, is hidden in a Chateau in Scotland. Help me Bash please. I need to save my father.”
Bash thought for a few minutes. “ I will help you as long as your offer stands with me and my men. I'll protect you Lula just like I did as kids. Nothing will ever hurt you again. And with that tomorrow we will take companies 2, 4, 7, 8. “
   Lula smiled “ Thank you bash I knew I could count on you. And I will need a few things a Horse, new clothing and a bath if you would, possibly something to eat?”
Bash giggled “Of course”.
The Very next day Lula was up and about with a newly hand crafted sword and bow and arrow. She had already eaten breakfast and was already ready for battle. Her Hair was tied into a ponytail and she wore slim fitting meal armour. Bash hadn't even smelled the morning coffee.
“You sleep any longer My father would be dead before we cross the first bridge.” Lula laughed while shaking bash.
He groaned and slowly ate his breakfast silently
“You're still not a morning person are you Ole bash boy?” he gave her a look and then stuck out his tongue and laughed.
He groaned and got dressed. But he’d give her occasional looks to she is she was looking at him. They walked down to the stable and she was presented with a horse named Blackie. The horse hair shone like silk. Lula jumped onto the horse and immediately fell in love.
“I love him bash, Thank you so much.” lula said like a giddy school girl.
“Anything for you Lu. Now you take companies 2 and 7 i'll take 4 and 8. We will head toward the place where The Duke resides. Which means your in our lead.” Bash then gestured her in front and she took a deep breathe and then they began their journey. Over hills, mountains and streams they marched. It took 6 hours ride to the Chateau for the duke.
“NO! DAD!” Lula  screamed in anger as the duke was beat  in the stomach. She rode in fury and drew her sword and slashed the men in two pieces. All except one.
“Take this mans half body and take it back to your leader. And if you ever come back i'll gut you and all you miserable people have.” She punched the dirty man in the face. The man grabbed the body and starting running.
“Lula.. I`m sorry. We tried.” bash put his arm around her to comfort her. She then grabbed her arrow and drew back and shot an arrow thru the running dirty mans head.
“No, i'm sorry. I shouldn't have left my dad. I don't want his body left here. He deserve a proper burial.” Lula says with a straight face and turns while tears fall and she walks towards the woods and starts slinging her sword in a nearby tear.
“Lula stop Come back here. We will give him a Royal burial.” “ Companie 2 wrap this man's body and set him somewhere safe. Companies 4 , 7 ,chop wood and build a casket-carriage. Company 8 set up camps for the other companies and help me with mine. Please.” bash turned to lula. He took her by the hand and they walked in silence to the edge of the forest and sat on a rock.
“Lula, are you ok?” “ I'M not a damsel I can handle myself.” She snapped.
“It's quite clear that you're not ok, i'm not one to treat a lady like a damsel. She's is as much capable of taking care of herself as others. But i hold you dear to me as a friend and more. I..” lula interrupted him;
“Bash what do u mean as a friend and more?” she looked at him with full eyes.
“Ill explained later come on let's go rest for the night the sun sets in a few hours. You're more than welcome to accompany me in my tent.” bash reached for her hand. Lula grabbed his hand. They reached the tent and lula undressed and wrapped her body in a silky cloak and laid down in a goose feather stuff portable bed.  Bash took off his heavier clothes and was left with his short and tights. He laid beside her and held her close.
Later that night an ambush happened. The sound of screaming mean and swords clashing, woke up Lula and Bash. They quickly got dressed and armoured. They ran around to see what was the issue.
“PROTESTANTS!!!” one man screamed as he was stabbed violently. Bash started ordering men around as well as lula. They started engaging in the intense battle. Blood shed. Skin slicing. Heads falling. After 3 hours the fight stopped. The Catholics had won. Bash order all the men from the remaining companies to find all the men and pile them up to be burned. Then he looked around for lula. Just then a small scream came from across the field. Bash turned around.
“LULA RUN!” But it was too late. Lula fell with a sword thru the back. Bash ran and exiled the man responsible for the murder of his woman.
“Lula speak to me please.” bash cried.
“I don't have much time so listen carefully, bash i have always loved you and i know this isn't a good time to say it but i'd rather die saying it once then never have said it at all.” Then she drew her last breath.
Bash screamed and held her closely.
“I love you too” he whispered.
Bash had her buried with flowers of every color and buried with military honors for her bravery.
“I will love you like i did yesterday, i'll love you today and i'll love you tomorrow and the rest of the days beyond.” and with that bash said his final goodbye.

The author's comments:

My name is Madison. IM 16 years old. WHat inspired me to write this piece was a absolute obbession with a show called "Reign" Which made me want to have my own version of it.

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