My Name

May 8, 2017
By Anonymous

You watch. I go. We miss each other even though our faces are still in view. You scream my name, call for me but I am frozen in time. The crowd still roaring after our battle. My scars forever bleeding. I try to look away from your soft, kind eyes but they are all I have left. Your words will forever dent my memory. Your soft voice always taking me away. I hope to see you again some day. Even it’s not the me you remember I will always be there for you.
“Haruko-san!” I finally call. You turned my way, tears flooding your eyes.
“Sakura-chan!” You shout back. I smiled timidly as you stood there, looming over the edge. It was like I was frozen and you weren’t. You looked, tears swarming your eyes. A bloody curdling pain crawled through my body. I looked to see. My time had come as my blade went through my heart. My vision went blurry and started to fade. I could hear the crowd screaming in fright and the judges moaning. My loss had cost my life. I was fine with it. “I didn’t want you to suffer anymore,” I whispered. My eyes finally faded as you said something.
“I love you… Sakura-chan,” You whispered.

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