The Villain Fell in Love With the Hero

May 5, 2017
By Swigswagmaster BRONZE, South Berwick, Maine
Swigswagmaster BRONZE, South Berwick, Maine
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For every hero there is an villain. It’s just the way the world is balanced. The moon has the sun to chase it out of the sky, fire has water, and I have Captain Angel. First of all...what kind of name is Captain Angel anyways? Who comes up with an alias like that? What are you trying to imply, that you’re some angel sent by God to save the planet? How pretentious can you be? Then again I named myself Doctor Daemon master of all darkness and evil so maybe I’m not really one to talk.

These were the kinds of things I contemplated as I sat, legs swinging off the edge from the top of the giant building that sat at the heart of Athem. Sometimes I liked to just sit there and look down at the city. All the dim lights of Athem twinkling down there made me feel almost at peace despite the constant hum of the police sirens. It really is a nice city, I’ve only tried to destroy it one or two times.
“Doctor Daemon stop right there.” I froze, immediately recognizing the voice from behind me that had broken me out of my nice internal monologue. I had no idea how he found me, I had been coming to this spot for years. Slowly I turned around to see him, my arch-nemesis Captain Angel. If I had turned faster I would probably have gotten whacked in the face with his wings. I don’t remember how he got them...some chemical malfunction while he was bird watching or something. They stretched out behind him, the large wingspan of soft white feathers casting a shadow over me. I glowered at him now.
“I wasn’t even doing anything.” His mouth drew into a thin line and he crossed his arms.
“You’re always up to something. What are you plotting this time? Were you planning on brainwashing the city using a satellite? Or maybe you have a trap prepared to kidnap Miss Jessica again? You’ve been awfully inactive these last couple days, I know you must be planning something big.” I simply shrugged.
“Nah, I have nothing up my sleeve today, really. You always beat me anyways, I’ve just started to figure what’s the point?” Actually that was a total lie, I was planning on trapping the mayor in a glass cage that would fill with water until he crowned me the new leader of the city but there was no need for my dear sweet nemesis to know that. I continued to stare up at him now, trying to ignore the way the light caught in his blonde hair turning it to gold. He didn’t look like a superhero really, more like the teenage ‘golden boy’ son of some billionaire business tycoon. Maybe that’s who he really was? I had no idea, I had been trying to uncover his secret identity for months. Angel arched a brow now.
“If you’re really not planning anything then what are you doing up here?”
“Enjoying the view.”
“Really?” Then, to my surprised he plopped down next to me, his wings folding neatly behind him. I guessed the view of the city probably wasn’t much to him since he could look down at it from the sky any time he liked with those giant wings of his. I attempted to not think about how close he was sitting to me. I wasn’t exactly sure when I began developing feelings for him. We battled it out countless times before then. He would foil scheme after scheme of mine no matter how elaborate and despite that I would keep trying, you know, typical hero vs villain stuff. But then as it went on I started to realize that I wasn’t creating these master plans to really take over the city, it was to impress him, or at least to keep him coming back to stop me. Once I put that together I started to become painfully aware of how my heart would race every time he would show up to foil my master schemes or the way my pulse would flutter when he would pull some witty one liner after I had told him my plan. It was a hopeless crush of course, hell I’m a scrawny boy who likes to wear extravagant capes and named myself Doctor Daemon master of all darkness, he’s a hero that has every woman in the city head over heals for him including that pretty reporter Jessica. She always babbles about him when I kidnap her so I’ve started playing extremely loud classical music to drown her out any time I need her for part of a master plan. He glanced to me now beneath his dark lashes.
“Why do you do it?” He asked suddenly. I stared back at him meeting his ice blue gaze.
“Do what?”
“Antagonize the city? You’ll never win, There will always be someone there to stop you.” I hated how his voice naturally floated through the air like cream, what kind of person had a voice like that? It made me horribly self conscious about the rough rasp of my own. I gave him my best malicing snicker, pushing my bangs up out of my eyes.
“It could happen someday, nothing is impossible.”
“And then what? You gain control of the city? Have you ever governed anything before? It’s a lot of work. Why don’t you just try running for mayor or something?” A snort of laughter escaped me.
“Are you legitimately trying to give me career advice?” He gave me a crooked smile that caused my heart to race.
“Perhaps.” He c***ed his head to the side now, staring at me intently. I blinked, confused.
“ I have something on my face?” He shook his head.
“No, I was just curious? Why are your eyes like that?” I scowled at him.
“You’re a hero, isn’t making fun of people, even the bad guys, against the rules for you drips?” His eyes widened.
“Oh no, I wasn’t making fun of you. I think they’re nice...they kind of look like dying embers. The way they glow red is very becoming on you.” It was beginning to grow dark and the fading light cast shadows of the sharp lines of his face, I figured it also meant that my eyes were starting to glow (literally) as well. I gave him a little half hearted shrug.
“I was doing an internship at a tech company right out of high school and I invented this device that was supposed to go in your eyes so you could see better. It went in wouldn’t come out. But I just rolled with it you know? I decided to make it part of my demon doctor of evil persona.”
“I always thought it was amazing how you make all your own gadgets. Imagine what you could do if you used them to help the city instead of to steal from it.” I smirked at him. He would never be able to convert me to his side but it was at least fun to watch him try.
“But where would the fun in that be?” It was getting late, I needed to get back to put the finishing touches on some of the machines I would need to put my evil plan into motion for tomorrow. I stood up slowly and Angel did as well. “I should go,” I said, almost too quickly. I turned to leave but his hand caught my wrist stopping me.
“Beauty sleep, these good looks require rest to maintain.” He chuckled at that, running his other hand through his blonde curls.
“You’re working on some evil plan of yours aren’t you?” Why did he have to know me so well? I guess he took the term ‘know thy enemy’ quite literally. I simply gave him a little wink.
“I don’t kiss and tell-” and then he pressed his lips to mine and the world fell away. I couldn’t hear the sirens or the planes flying overhead or even the faint honks of the cars belows. All I could think about was his mouth on mine. My hands moved to his hair knotting in it and he pulled me closer. I could feel his heart pounding against my chest. When he finally drew back we were both breathing heavily. He stared at me, his gaze locked with mine.
“I must confess I’ve wanted to do that for awhile now…” he said slowly.
“ too.” He smiled now, fully displaying a set of dimples that set a cage of butterflies loose in my stomach.
“A hero and a villain in love, I imagine it would be quite a scandal if it ever got out.”
“Probably.” I grinned at him. “It might put a little damper on the bad boy villain persona I have going.”
“So I’ll see whatever big evil scheme you have in the works soon I expect?”
“Tomorrow if all goes well.” He leaned over suddenly, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.
“It’s a date.” And then with that he took off into the sky, gliding through the air on those giant white wings of his. I didn’t realize how warm my face still felt till he had vanished into the sunset. Slowly I turned to head back to continue work on my master evil plan. I didn’t want to let him down.

The author's comments:

This is a short little piece I wrote because I just thought it would make a cute story if a super villain fell in love with their archenemy. Just goes to show you that two complete opposites can still fall in love. 

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Georgethe3rd said...
on May. 10 2017 at 7:21 am
Georgethe3rd, Lee, New Hampshire
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Favorite Quote:
“It sounds plausible enough tonight, but wait until tomorrow. Wait for the common sense of the morning.”

I love the main couple so much!!!! Great work!!!


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