Cinderella's Wish

May 4, 2017
By 13456_4 BRONZE, Overlandpark, Kansas
13456_4 BRONZE, Overlandpark, Kansas
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Cinderella dad of dies.He promised that he will watch over her. After a couple of years Cinderella and her mom move to a little house close to the king's palace where they work. Her mom cooks for the king and cinderella takes care of all of the animals. They both know that the King is not a good person and doesn’t like working for him at all.  But they are happy to have jobs. One day her mom overheard an evil plot that the king had to poison all the people in the city. He has an idea to take over all of their rich people and to control the city. The King decides he is going to have a 3 day festival where Cinderella and her mom will make and serve all the food and drinks to the guests.  His plan is that on the 3rd night he will add poison to all of the food and the entire city will be wiped out. The night before the festival started Cinderella’s father appears in her dream and warns her about the plan to destroy the city.  Cinderella and her mom came up with a plan to cook a different meal and feed the poison food to the king and not the people of the city. 
On the 3rd night of the festival the king thinks everyone in the city will die from  the food and he will own everything.  The first two nights of the festival went really good.  Everyone ate, and drank, and danced and visited with each other and had a great time.  No one suspected that anything was wrong at all.  The 3rd night of the festival things look to be going as planned. The king and his staff said they wanted a different menu because they wanted to make sure the people in his city had enough for them.  Cinderella and her mom served the King and his staff the food with the poison on it. They didn’t know …..but they were getting sleepy. Cinderella and her mom watched  the King and staff go to bed very early.  They had no idea they would never wake up again.  The next morning the king and the staff were pronounced dead in their sleep.  
When the people of the city heard about this they were shocked but didn’t suspect anything.  While Cinderella and her mom were cleaning up, they noticed a stranger riding up on a horse.  The stranger appeared out of nowhere and his horse  trotted toward the castle.  He slowly approached, his horse click clack click clack.  He was a mystery to all of us.  As he neared the castle we noticed he was not from around here.  They told him what had happened and thought he would just leave.  He said, “I am the King’s son.  I left because my father was evil and I didn’t want to be around him anymore.  I am here because this castle and his throne now belong to me.” 
  As the Prince became the King and got settled in he wanted Cinderella and her mom to stay and work for him. Cinderella and the new King became close and fell in love.   They got married and Cinderella was now the Queen and didn’t need to work any longer.  Her mom stayed with them and lived in the castle with them, and she didn’t have to work any longer either.  They were all very happy and lived out the rest of their days in the castle. 
The End

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