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April 18, 2017

A crimson lip was captured between her teeth, big blue-green eyes anxiously stared back at her from within the mirror. “Deep breaths,” she continuously whispered with the hope of soothing the storm of nerves raging in her stomach. Never before had she experienced such tumultuous emotions or felt as if she would lose her stomach. This was all new to her. Everything in the past two years had been new ~~ from housing, to friends, clothes, ~~ but newest of all was the love she had accidentally stumbled upon one uneasy and anger-filled night.


Running her hands down the front of her dress she smoothed the material then examined her reflection. At the age of eighteen she was stuck in the realm between childhood and adulthood ~~ no longer a child and still not yet a woman. However, clad in a floor-length gown, matching heels, and a minimal amount of makeup that allowed her natural beauty to show, Amara looked every bit the young lady she had become. The dress itself was emerald green with a silver vine detail around her waist that then wrapped around her back to become the one shoulder-strap. The color made her sea and sky eyes pop, her red hair appear brighter.


She slipped wing-shaped earrings into her ears and a simple silver ring onto her finger. It was a ring she had bought two years ago in high-school ~ one half of a matching set. Its twin resided with the person who had stolen her heart from the first hello, the only one who had taken the time to get to know her.. The person she was supposed to be meeting in fifteen minutes. Realizing she was so close to being late she grabbed the silver clutch that housed her phone, red lipstick, and a few other provisions then dashed out of the house as quickly as her silver heels would let her. Hopping into her truck it took her only twelve minutes to reach the meeting place ~~ a large home on a cliff overlooking the ocean. It didn’t take her long to find a parking spot and for that she was grateful. Checking the time on her phone an exhale of relief slipped past her lips seeing that she had two minutes to spare.


She approached the Victorian-era mansion, observing the lights shining through the many arched windows, the music reverberating off the walls, echoing throughout numerous corridors. The moon was full and pearly bright, it’s pale light giving the cliffside and the mansion a ghostly hue. Bats fluttered over the roof, wings eerily flapping. It was a lovely yet intimidating sight. Another deep breath. Holding her head higher she entered the home with a graceful air about her, determination and surprising confidence shining within the endless depths of her turquoise orbs. From a young age she had been gifted at hiding her emotions, in times of strife always appearing confident. For once she was grateful for such a skill, the nervousness writhing in her gut was enough to turn any other person green. She scanned the crowds, searching for any familiar face she could find, though her heart longed to see only one. “Amara!”


A voice she knew as well as her own shouted her name and a smile immediately spread across her red lips. Turning to the right her gaze fell onto a smaller yet beautiful woman clad in black. Her hair was long and the color of caramel, her eyes were the loveliest shade of brown to ever be seen. At the sight of her Amara’s smile only broadened, her feet started to move before her brain could properly process the scene laid out before her, carrying her over to the other woman. “Melissa!” Amara called out gleefully. Once they were close enough she took hold of the brunettes delicate hands. Even in heels Melissa could not match Amara’s height. Matching bands of silver on their left ring fingers glistened under the chandelier’s twinkling light, the etchings in both rings brilliantly shone for all to see:


We’re simply meant to be.

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