moon dancers

April 11, 2017
By , keller, TX

I stared out my window looking at the glistening moon as it reflected off the shallow ocean waves i could faintly hear the water swish against the rocks. the motion of the lightly sounding waves enhanced me as i began to swiftly daydream  i  dreamed that one day my lover would dance with me in the moonlight and that i would be kissed in front of that moon as if i were a princess and he were my prince but time only pass for me as that mere dream started to slip away into a fantasy. I continued to wait for my lover my hours of waiting soon began to turn to days as the days soon turned to months but everyday i still believed that  he would eventually reveal himself .My loneliness started to hover as my emotions and feelings wavered increasingly the thought that  i  would never see my lover hit me like a brick i fell to my knee in despair and laid in a fetal position at that moment my tears gave way streaming down my face the sadness and despair over powered me dragging me into a abyss . knock knock knock the unexpected knocking at my window released me for the dark abyss slowly arising i look out my window to see none other than the man of my dreams ,my knight in shining armor, my lover waiting for me outside .the moon that night was bright and full almost as if it were calling for us to dance on it .Tears struck plm eyes once more as i leap out my window and into his arms smiling from cheek to cheek grasping the sight of such a wonderful image .As we stood together he grabbed my hand and we danced to together our reflection  appear  against the water as the moonlight shined creating an illusion as if we were actually dancing on the moon .This night was the night that i was waiting for and it finally came true i've met my lover and now we can be together “together” known as the moon dancers  

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