Stroll on Bad Boy Ave.

March 30, 2017
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Slade Dennis is the classic “perfect schoolgirl” she beyond beautiful with straight A’s, captain of the varsity debate team, has a full ride into the Yale and Stanford law school, and does 25+ hours a week of volunteer work. Slade is the perfect nauseating combination a parent could ever ask for. With a name like Slade, she is naturally expected to have a bad streak or two, but no one would ever guess where those streaks lie… Right under everyone’s nose in the top tier bad boy of the school. The football quarterback, the undefeated parking lot fight champ, and the biggest stoner Mason Kane. There is no doubt that he is absolutely gorgeous! But Slade refuses to believe that he could ever like her, or even acknowledge her existence for that matter but all of that is about to change. Being a senior has been displayed as an easy year but it has left Slade in a busy tornado, rushing to her locker in the senior locker bank at North Central High is a journey itself. Walking with her head down, absentmindedly towards her locker she is stopped in her tracks when she looks up to see the one and only Mason Kane leaning against it.
“Are you lost?” I ask him confused and very nervous. He doesn’t answer me, but he does chuckle. “So I’m guessing that is a no since you don’t have a voice box this morning.” I say a bit annoyed.
“Why are you so feisty this early in the morning? It’s not even 8 a.m. yet.” Mason scrunches his face up with this look that is both intimidating as well as very attractive. I stare at the details of his face and notice the small things that are only slightly noticeable when you concentrate more than normal. I see the scars on his cheek, and under his eye from the various fights he’s in, as well at battle wounds from his 4 years on the Varsity Football Team.
“I’m not feisty, just wondering why the one and only Mason Kade is at my locker. It’s not like we are friends.” I say with complete honesty. He has yet to move, and it still leaning against my locker as if he owns it, with his tight black muscle shirt, light whitewashed jeans, black and white jordans. His hair in it’s usual lightly gelled back state, his normal diamond shaped earrings that every once in awhile catch the light perfectly and his gold chain with a diamond studded cross hanging from it, sitting there looking like a mythical greek god.
I notice then that Mason has the biggest smirk on his face, it takes me a second to figure out why and it is then that I realize I’ve been standing here checking out every perfection, every scar, every detail, every piece that makes him Mason Kane.
“Like something you see baby girl? Because from my position I damn sure do!” He said leaning closer to me grabbing a piece of my hair and twirling it around his finger. I look up into his eyes and see the expected dark mystery that is automatic, but I also see a shocking flicker of desire and need. This causes me to flinch a bit and my actions don’t go unnoticed by Mason. He looks me up and down a few times and steps closer to me. I didn’t think my outfit was that impressive. I realized that in a way, we were matching. I had a black nike crop top on, light ripped whitewashed jeans, and to top it all off i realized we had the same shoes on. I also had gold diamond hoops, a black and gold choker, and a gold chain with my name on it. Someone not knowing us, would assume that maybe we were together, and did it on purpose but no. I love black and gold, and from what i have been able to tell, so does he.
Taking a bold leap of faith, “Maybe I do, but it’s obvious you like what you see because you have barely blinked since I walked over to my own locker.” I say with a smirk. This is the Slade that no one really sees, and from the look on his face, he most definitely likes it.
I keep my smirk as well as my eye contact but in the back of my head I’m trying to talk my innerself into looking away. I don’t think I’m ready for these problems. But in an instant my smirk gets bigger just because of the thought. He examines my facial expression with such seriousness I honestly think he doesn’t like it. Mason then does the last thing I expected, he brings his tall and muscular 6’4 frame down to my curvy and athletic 5’7 frame and places his hand on my throat where my choker has it’s hold, and pulls me close to him. Bringing his ear down to mine, “You have no idea what you just started Princess” he whispers as he gives my throat a small squeeze.
What exactly have I started? I realize that the hallway was packed when I got here and I didn’t think about it because we have been in our own bubble. I’m not forsure how much time has actually passed since I walked to my locker, but I’m about 99.8% sure the bell has already rang and I’m late thanks to Mr. Football-Star that gets away with everything! But I finally pop the intoxicating bubble we are surrounded by, step back a bit and look away from this man’s beautiful eyes. I notice there is a big crowd of people watching us, I also realize his hand is still around my throat but I honestly don’t mind it being there. He turns us around so his back is to the crowd and I am completely covered by his body. Mason looks from my eyes, to my mouth and back again leaning in he says “Can I kiss you?”. I never took Mason Kane as the type to ask permission but something tells me this is and will be different.
“You don’t need to ask me, just do it.” As I wrap my arms around his waist. “I’ve wanted you to ask me that for so long.” I say as I feel my caramel colored cheeks heat up from the uncovered secret.
“I never thought you would let me Princess, or I would have done it a long time ago.” He states being more honest than I could have asked for.
I blinked in surprise.. He didn’t think I’d let him kiss me? Why wouldn’t I? Has he seen himself lately? I silently ask myself more confused than anything. I feel his breath on my cheek, and then on my bottom lip.
“Are you sure that this is what you want? Once we start whatever this is, I won’t stop it.” He said brushing his lips against mine. Could this really work? Or is he just using you as fun and games?
I don’t want to think negatively about him in this moment, so instead of vocalizing my opinion about his new found crush thing, I lean in and kiss him. It’s slow and sweet. The entire world as we know it, the North Central High student body, the outside distractions all fade away and it is just us.
Mason Kane and Slade Dennis.
When the kiss breaks, we are both smiling like children, and breathless. “Just as I imagined it Princess” He pants.
“It was better than I imagined Mason. To answer your question, this is wh-”
“Slade! What the hell are you doing?!?! Kane, why is your mouth on my sister and hand around her throat? Do you honestly want to die before graduation in 2 months??” My twin brother Jace said in his deathly calm voice looking between the both of us.
“Jace! Hey man! How are ya?” Mason says trying to lighten the mood. I notice my brother walking closer to us. I cling on to Mason’s waist attempting to show him I’m not going anywhere as well as provide myself with some safety reassurance for myself.
“Jace please don’t do this in the hallway, if you want to talk about it we can in private. This is an us thing, they all don’t need to know our business.” I plead to my twin hoping he will just let it go until we get in the car, or even go home. But I know that even though we are only minutes apart, he still sees me as his baby sister. Jace also knows how Mason is, they have been friends since they were 8.
“So I can’t talk to you about it, but you can have this entire little show in the middle of the hallway? How do you sound sis?” He shakes his head.
I guess he does have a point, I honestly didn’t care who saw what Mason and I were doing a few minutes ago.
“This fake ass innocent act you put on for school irks my soul because your true colors keep coming out and no one seems to notice!” My brother says walking closer to us and getting louder as he talks.
“Aye man, chill out. She’s still your sister.” Mason says standing up for me. I burry my head in between his shoulders and smirk. Still holding onto his waist from behind his body relaxes when I give him 2 reassuring squeezes.
I can tell both of my boys are getting a bit more irritated and impatient with each other, I can’t pick a side, but I also don’t want to be forced to.
All of a sudden I see my brothers facial expression completely change. I feel my body smash against the locker with Mason’s body weight pinning me to it. He spins around with a scared look on his face, moving my hair, checking my face, arms, back.. “Dude! What is the matter with you?! You could have hurt your sister really bad, you need to walk away right now.” Mason says with an eerie warring in his voice.
“Or else what?” My brother asks. He and Mason play football together, my brother is about 6’2, and built but not as built as Mason.
Mason goes to launch forward and I instinctively grab his arm. “Please don’t do this.. Please.” I grab his chin to bring his eyes to mine instead of at my stupid brother. I plead him with my eyes, with everything I have. Next thing I know he is ripped from my arms.
“I ALREADY TOLD YOU ONCE TO GET OFF MY SISTER!” As my brothers left fist connects with Masons jaw.
Mason looks back at me for confirmation that what is about to happen won’t be blamed on him. I nod at him knowing I can’t be mad at him for sticking up for me. Next thing I see are arms flying, the sounds of people crashing against lockers, the cheers from the crowd that has grown at least twice in size and then screaming. The dean’s running towards this s*** show unfolding in front of me. Mason pinning my brother down to the ground so he can’t get another hit in. The dean’s left him off of Jace as if he started it. I can’t let him get in trouble for my brother’s compulsive actions.
“Stop! He didn’t start it! Look at the damn cameras if you don’t believe me!” I say running to Mason’s side. He kisses my forehead and laces his fingers through mine. I look up at him and wipe the blood from underneath his eye.
“Mr.H, I’ll wait for you at your office. I need to make sure she’s okay.” Shock flies through Mr. Hemmings eyes. I instantly knew what he was thinking. He figured Mason started it, and that all of it was his fault. I look at my brother still sitting on the floor, and I shake my head. I can’t believe he did all of this just because he’s a huge control freak.
“Bring her with you. I mean it Mr. Kane.” Mr. Hemmings say looking from me, to Mason, to Jace. “Get up Jace.” My brother slowly gets up, not taking his eyes from mine. I break the stare and look down at the hand mason has his wrapped around. I look away from my brother with tears in my eyes.
Mason and I walk down the hall, hand in hand and on our way to the dean’s. Mason pulls me into an empty hallway with nothing but concern in his eyes. “Are you okay Princess? And don’t even dare try to lie to me.” He says tilting my chin up to force my eyes to look into his.
“Just a bit hurt. Plus I don’t want you to get in trouble.. It would be all my fault.” As a tear runs down my cheek, he quickly wipes it away and pulls me into an embrace that seems perfect and never ending. I breath through my tears and wipe my face. “C’mon. We have to get to Mr. Hemmings. I don’t want to give him extra reasons to be mad at you.”
“Okay Princess. Let’s go.”
When we get to the dean’s, the door is closed and Jace is inside. We sit down, fingers still locked and we wait.
For what seems like forever later, the door finally opens and Jace is taken to one of the ISS rooms. Hemmings calls us in, and immediately I see the altercation pulled up on the 3 screens, all different angles. “I guess you didn’t start it this time Kane. You both will be in Detention after school but that is it. Slade, thank you for sticking up for the right person. Your brother doesn’t know what bridges he’s beginning to burn.”
“Thank you Mr. Hemmings. We will see you after school.” Mason grabs my backpack, and my hand and walks me outside the office.
“You think this is really what you want? After all of that?” He asks with fear in his eyes.
“You are what I want. Screw my brother. I promise.” I laugh when he picks me up and spins me around. The small crowd surrounding the dean's office has a mixed response, loud happy cheers, and looking at the faces of some of the girls were scrunched and kind of funny to be quite honest.
We run back to my locker so I can get my books out of my locker. he instantly grabs them as well as my backpack, closes my locker and puts his arm around my shoulders to walk me to class. Giving high-fives and laughing on our way out of the Senior Locker Bank, I couldn’t possibly be happier than this moment.

Mason Kane is finally mine, and I love my decision.

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