four feet, one heart

April 10, 2017

Once upon a time, there was a little girl, she wasn’t ordinary like the rest. She would use her feet to dance instead of walk, twirling in circles over running, she wasn’t any girl. She was a dancer. Her gift was so rare, and precious. She was born to dance. One day her path crossed with another’s. The dashing boy was the most hated one of all. He never listened, always wanting the world to be tied to his lease.

Everyone told the girl he was worth of no remorse nor worry. But, she disobeyed her loved ones wishes and chased after the distort fellow. He gave her a angry grin as she spoke “Would you like to dance with me?”  holding out a hand for him to grasp. “never” he spoke turning away. Sighing in despair, she did what made her fill with joy, dance. Spinning her body around, making her hair flip in the direction with her dress; flowing with the wind, the young boy turned to find the girl laughing with content, causing a smile to grow upon his face. He jumped in and grasp the young girls flay hand twirling her around, chest to chest they waltz down the street, dancing to the rhythm of their own melody.

The young lads spirit brighten by the warmth of her smile, watching her eyes look back at him with intimacy.  There veins were connecting to each others, the heart from the blood pumping into each other to form their fondness of one another. Since that day on, the boy never walked again.

He didn't move at all sadly, growing with age he start to lose his touch on the world, feeling like he was placed into the frozen over water stuck, not being able to move. Growing of age they stayed by each other sides. The once young girl became over time his companion, the one he could dance with forever.

As the course of life spreaded onto the birds, he became slowly frozen in time, life passed by him day after day, till months turned into years. But, he was still frozen. On his last day of existences, his darling sat along his bed side, grasping his hand lightly. No longer able to mutter a sound, he assured her, everything would be fine. His lungs froze, just like the rest of his body, he let go.


The minute he declared death was the longest time she spent with him. Since that day on, the girl never danced again.

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