The Only Reason To Live

April 7, 2017
By , Bloomfield, IA

She jumped into bed, Jami was so tired yet she knew that she had to wait for the text that would change her life forever.
Living in New Jersey and going to a private high school, can be hard at times, but for Jami Bradwell, it was as easy as breathing.
She was a Junior, and all that mattered to her was whether or not her boyfriend Carson was cheating on her. That was until she met him… Jared Patterson, a transfer student from Colorado. What was she going to do with herself? Every time she turned around the corner a new guy seemed to take her attention. Jared was different though. She didn't even realize that she liked him until it was too late.
Even after high school she still was afraid that she would be too late. Graduation had been a hassle. Being in a private school the number of kids who graduated was extremely high, but he never did. Jared just up and quit high school before he had to graduate. It was really weird because he was one of the top students of the grade. No one new what happened. Until now…

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