Secrets Untold

March 21, 2017
By Ryleeherr BRONZE, Hibbing, Minnesota
Ryleeherr BRONZE, Hibbing, Minnesota
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                                         Denise : Friday, April 28th 10:13 p.m.

It lasted seconds, just few small seconds that's it. "I couldn't stop it, everything was happening so fast. I just stopped and stared.", I reply. "You were in shock, the stun of the situation and feelings you get sends your body and mind into complete shock. That happens often." , the officer replied solemnly almost like she is pretending to give her sympathy. I can't stop replaying the scene in my head, over and over and over again. The pound of the brick, the instant fall. I should've heard it, I could've done something.
                                         Denise : Monday, April 3rd 12:00 p.m.

"Just walk with me to work, it's on your way to the meeting anyways." "I can't be late Denise, I am going to drive okay?" "I wouldn't make you late, I work a half hour before your meeting even starts." "Denise I have to go okay?" "Yeah okay...I love you Sam." All I hear is the long annoying sound from the phone. He literally hung up without a reply. "I'm so sorry Denise..maybe we should consider all of the possibilities." Brittany replies with a sour voice. Brittany is my best friend ever since I can remember, we've grown up together mostly ; Sam, Brittany, and I. "I don't want to", I reply. I can' without Sam is like living with out the sun -dark and cold. We were high school sweethearts. We were twelve on our first date. We're twenty now and in college now, he can't do this. "His love seems to be dead for you.", Brittany says with a hostile voice. She is definitely being a crappy friend through all of this, her attitude is so bad lately and I really don't want to deal with it. We're supposed to be best friends, I'm already practically losing my soul mate. So why is she acting like this? She has always been so supportive of everything.
                                         Sam : Monday, April 3rd 12:00 p.m.

I hate hanging up on her. Not telling her I love her anymore. I love her more than life. Our first date at the age of twelve seems like yesterday. I remember her fiery golden hair reaching for her waist over her shoulders, each strand like thread coming out of a spool. How her glistening green eyes was like getting lost in a Forrest of green. Her rosy pink cheeks pinching together and the sound of her voice. Telling her I loved her for the first time, on Homecoming she looked beautiful. We were fourteen, freshman year. We were both on royal court that week and won prince and princess. Meaning us, Jacob Fitzgerald and Emily Johnson -queen and king of homecoming, class 2000- got the first dance. Her gown tightening in all the right places, her curled hair flowing like a waterfall off of her shoulders. I remember leaning into kissing her that night, my palms sweating more than a pig. My adrenaline bouncing off the walls. Her lips tasted of her watermelon lip gloss. Wow how I would do anything to be back in that same place again.
                                        Denise : Wednesday, April 12th 9:00 p.m.

It's been over a week since I have held him. A week since I've heard "I love you" spill out of his mouth like marbles. I just don't understand. He never replies, he always turns up busy when Im not. I mean why is he keeping me on a thread? I mean if it's over...then it's over. But there is something I know it. I just know this isn't adding up, there has to be a missing piece.
                                          Sam : Easter Sunday, April 16th

This is the first time I've laid eyes on the love of my life in two weeks, I think to myself. As I walk behind her out of the church after service, the feeling of stares is back. I always feel watched. I glance around me at the pools of people. Noting, no one. Maybe it's just me. It could just be a joke. I can't stop loving her I know that for a fact, I could never go on without her.
As we get out of the car I stop her as her and my own family flood inside my parents mansion on Mainstreet. "I know something is wrong with myself, and I need to tell you. I can't lose you Denise. I love and care for you too much, you are too much of my life to give up." She is tearing up which makes me tear up. "I just don't want anyone in danger" I say quietly. "What do you mean?" I show her all the texts, messages, threats sent to my house that I took a picture of. " I don't know who this is, I don't feel safe. So I won't bring anyone into this if I can't protect them." She sits down on the steps clutching my phone with one hand and the other around her mouth gasping. "Why wouldn't you tell me this Sam..." "I couldn't lose you I say." The warmth of her body fills me with life. The smell of her hair makes me reminisce on everything. "God I've missed you, I'm so sorry." "We will take care of this okay? Police, me, you, family, whatever it takes." I kiss her and I feel home again.
                                        Denise : Saturday, April 29th 10:47 a.m.

If someone told me this is what losing your best friends to would be like. Watching your best friend kill the love of your life in front of your eyes. Just waiting for the ticking time bomb of your world to come crashing down..I never would have stayed. They don't tell you about this in school, you don't get warned about this. I always seem to ask myself and answer my own question to why I'm still here. And now...I can't.

The author's comments:

I wanted to first write horror but as I wrote the first paragraph I decided to make it in two parts

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