Strangers On a Train

April 3, 2017
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They sat next to each other on the train, still pretending to be strangers….. If only that was true. To the other passengers on the train that's exactly what they were, strangers. 6 months ago they were one of the happiest couples in town. It’s crazy how fast that can change. They met through friends and after their first date, which happened to be a double date, the fire was instantly lit and there was no putting it out.
They were together constantly, going to festivals, parties, football games, everything. It was so obvious to not only themselves but everyone else how madly in love they were. It was a love neither of them had ever experienced before especially the girl, since it had been her longest and most serious relationship.. Her first time being truly in love. Unfortunately, sometimes all the love in the world is not enough. He had taken her love for granted and he would leave her and come back whenever he pleased. He would always come back apologizing for leaving and telling her how important she is to him. She believed his words every time.

They broke up for the final time and went their separate ways although they couldn't stop thinking about each other. She thought about him all the time wondering if she ever crossed his mind, but she refused to talk to him. She owed herself that, to not let him back in. They were both very hurt, especially him he as lashed out and tried to hurt her in every way he could because of how bad he was hurting. How can two people that have shown each other their souls, no longer even share words? That sudden break of connection does something to a person, it changes them. She was 16 when she lost her first love. She was also 16 when she lost herself… when she tried to take her life. He would never even know, he didn't deserve to know her story like that anymore. She realized it wasn't the end of the world after a while, but it still didn't make it hurt any less. She was grateful this happened, it changed her. She was stronger and losing someone who made her feel so bad about herself was like a weight being lifted. She was free to learn to love herself and see her worth, and that's exactly what she did. She learned more about herself each day and promised herself she would never be with someone who made her feel like she was so hard to love ever again.

She still thinks about him every day. He thinks about her just as much. They will never know, they are only left to assume, and most of the time assume the worst. They knew they were bad for each other and had to stay apart but their love never faded. The love they shared wasn't the kind of love that goes away. That’s the crazy thing about humans huh? We always seem to love the things that are bad for us. We let people get away with hurting us and doing us wrong all because we dont want to lose them. They did something quite unusual, they stayed apart to help each other. They couldn't be selfish and keep hurting each other just because they wanted to be together. Every day they still feel the sting of the pain, but they just carry on without each other.

Now here they are 7 months later with having no communication and ending up on the same train, in the seats next to each other. They thought in their heads of the good times, and the bad. They thought mostly about the pain. Not a word was said, for there was no reason for them. 

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