The life of Pune.

April 1, 2017
By Anonymous

I'm 20 your old from a small city in chhattisgarh but currently living in pune.
Living in a city like pune is really tough. People have no time, most of them were really rude to me n I could not understand why.
May be they all had their own problems in their life
I'm writing one of my own
New city really beautiful and "big" that's for sure, I never travelled in a city bus before pune happend to me but now I'm a professional in catching a bus while it is in motion
I'm a student n I smoke ciggarates, I drink alcohol not constantly but sometimes.(You can judge me)

Before pune I was a national level football player
But I stopped playing it because of some family issue
Now I'm BBA student n a part time lyricist.

And I'm telling you guys I never thought I will write songs in my entire life

I saw a girl in my college let's just name her X. You see someone n you'll be like how can someone be that beautiful
She was like that for me
It was really sweet our friendship. And I always say it to myself that I will never ruin this by started feeling for her but guess what I started having feelings for her

I really liked her and I always thought the same about her mentality. We use to go out together have drinks and use to smoke together. I use to give her flowers n show my love towards her and she never said no.

We went to mumbai together and it was our first outing together we spent few days over there living in a same house it was all like a dream for me which was coming true.

You know the love stories in a romantic movie like how they first met eachother, how they fell in love together and then the happy ending.

I thought eventually she will accept my love and give me what I always wanted.

I always wanted one thing commitment. She never gave it to me. Oh by the way she was not indian.

The story of her love life is she fell in love with some guy n his family never accepted her. But that was 2 years ago I guess

I fell in love with her and she never accepted me.
Whenever she wanted love she came to me, when she wanted to cry about her love life she wanted me, whenever she wanna go somewhere have fun she wanted me and when I wanted her she backed off n left me.

I came to pune all alone it's been a year I'm living here and it's been 5 months she left.
You know something in your heart just stays forever, this one did in my life.

Well if you ask me how I am right now I've date 2 girls slept with both of then and I felt nothing. I guess this is life.

I always thought it would be wonderful to fall in love and life would be really beautiful but I guess it's not.

It's a cruel world with rudeness, imperfections, it will knock you down time to time all you have to do is get up and get yourself ready for another knock down.

The author's comments:

This is my story about my life in pune so far.

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