March 28, 2017
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He grabbed her hand like every girl wants her hands grabbed. They had this instant connection like fireworks at a forth of July picnic. Their connection only lasted a few months which felt like years. As he drifted away, her feelings for him got stronger and more noticeable. She missed him being in her bed always keeping it warm when she came home. The way his sleepy kisses felt when he leaned over to check if you were still awake. His hand would slowly make its way toward your shoulder to pull you closer because that always made you feel safe. The sweatshirt you stole off his messy floor still smells like him. You never took that picture down of both of you kissing the first time you went to his house. His vans somehow make their way into your room. His kisses would slowly start to haunt you as he goes on dates with other people. The way he would say "good morning beautiful" when he first saw you wake up. You'd get this tingle down your back when he'd text you. Seeing his name in your phone makes you want to text him back apologizing about everything. But it was him who ended everything. You finally make your way out of bed and soon realize he's not yours to text anymore, and he doesn't want you in his bed anymore.

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