Bruises, Glitter, and Flats Oh My!

March 16, 2017
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Walking up to his front door, she looks down at herself and says “Wow, I’m a mess!” She sees her soaked through clothing from the rain that just started pouring down minutes before, the bruises from her hunk of junk car, and all of the pink glitter. After ringing the doorbell a few moments ago she hears activity in the house. The pounding of feet walking on the hardwoods, the clang of the chain releasing, the barking of a ferocious dog and finally the sound of a latch opening followed by the door were heard. The door swings open and she comes face to face with the one person she did not want to ask for help from, her older brother Derek.
    “Sara, what are you doing here, it is like 2 in the morning?”
    “Well, I was in the neighborhood and wanted to stop by and say hi to my older brother. You think you would be happy to see me,” Sara replied.
    “I would be if it was not two am and I know you just do not stop by if you do not need help with something, so what is it?” Derek questioned.
    “I was in the area and my car made this loud pow sound, then it was sounded like something was grinding out on me.”
    “So why did you not call the tow company to tow it to the junkyard, you know that car will cost more to fix than it is worth. You need to get a new car, one that is reliable.”
    “You don’t even know what is wrong with it. I’m not getting rid of my car just because you say so and it is a classic. And it is the only thing I have left of dad. ,” Sara replied quickly.
Now taking in Sara’s full appearance, Derek notices the glitter and the bruises that she is covered in.
    “Why are your arms covered in bruises, and is that a black eye?” Derek yells.
    “Yes,” Sara answers quietly.
    “Well, who did this to you, I need a name and address,” Derek yells again, thinking that it was one of the guys that Sara has been meeting off of
    “Name is Sara Martin, and address is 123 Sunflower Lane,” Sara says.
    “Why did you give me your name and address.”
    “Because I am the one that caused these bruises. I was trying to fix my car before coming over to bother you and ask you for help. I first shut the door on my arm then when trying to open the trunk to get the spare, I hit myself in the face with it.”
    “OK, that explains the bruises but what about the glitter,” Derek questions again.
    “Now that is a funny story. You know how I just got that new job as a kids birthday party planner, well today was my first party. This seven-year-old wanted a glitter cannon so of course, she got one. Well when it was supposed to go off, it went off all right, just in the wrong direction. I had it pointing the wrong way so it went off right at me,” Sara replies while laughing.
    “OK, well let's get you inside and dried off and call a tow company,” Derek says while opening to door wider to let his little sister in.
    Once inside Sara goes straight to her old room where she uses to live until recently. “Thank goodness I left a few things here when I moved,” Sara said to herself. When she got to the room she found her old high school sweatpants and an old t-shirt right where she left them. After changing into the dry, nonglittery clothing she felt better. All she was worried about now was her pride and joy, her car.
    After trying many different tow companies in the area none of them answered, “I guess we are going to have to leave your car wherever it is and get it in the morning.” Derek tells her.
“I guess were are going to have to,” Sara says defeatedly.
    Now that it was 4 in the morning Derek says that he is going to bed, and to not worry about her car, it will be there in the morning. Sara goes to sleep in her old room and does not worry about her car.
    Waking up at 10 past 10, Sara gets up and gets ready to call a tow truck so she can get out of her brother's hair. 20 minutes later with the tow truck called, and dressed in other clothes she left, she heads out to meet the truck at her broke down car. After walking the 4 blocks from her brother’s house she gets to the street corner where the classic car was left. Looking around there is no car in sight. Sara starts panicking. She checks the street signs again, yep this is where the car was left this morning but now there is no car. Now thinking she calls her brother, “Hey Derek, did you call a tow company this morning to pick up my car?”
    “No, I’m still sleeping, you said you were going to call in the morning?” Derek answers.
    “Yeah, I did. I just walked down to the street corner where I left it and there is no car in sight.” Sara replies with tears now in her voice.
    “Hold on I will be there in 2 minutes, what corner are you at?” Derek says as he jumps out of bed and gets ready to leave quickly.
    “I’m at 14th and Sunset,” Sara says now crying.
    “Stop crying, I will be there in a few, I am leaving now.”
Now all alone, the real tears come out of Sara. All she could think about was that this is her late father’s car and the only thing she has of him left. She finally saw Derek running down the street. Out of breath, Derek comes over to her and says “It’s going to be ok, we will find it and get it fixed. So do not worry.”
    Looking around Derek sees a tire shop across the street and sees one of the mechanics walking towards them. “Didn’t you say that you got a flat?”
    “Yeah, why?” Sara questions.
    “Because there is a tire shop across the street and a worker walking towards us,” Derek says.
    Turning around and seeing the shop come into view, Sara is stunned. “I never saw that shop when I broke down,” Sara exclaimed.
    Now the worker was next to the brother-sister duo he asked: “Are y’all the owners of a 1970 Challenger?”
    “Yeah, that is my sister’s car. She broke down early this morning with a flat at this corner,” Derek told the worker, who introduced himself as Sam, the owner of Sam’s tire that is across the street.
    “Well, when I came into work this morning I saw it sitting here with 2 flats, so I towed it over to the shop and fixed them for y’all,” Sam said.
    “Thank you so much! For a moment I thought someone had stolen the car,” Sara exclaimed.
    “Nope just a car enthusiast who did not like seeing a classic like that out of commission,” Sam replied.
    “So what do I owe you for the tires?” Sara asked.
    “Nothing, I was happy to do it.”
    “There has to be something that you want,” Sara asked again.
    “Well, how about a date tomorrow night?” Sam asks Sara.
    “Ok,” Sara replies
    In the end, Sara was reunited with her father’s car that was now complete with 4 brand new tires. The car is now back in working order and she was able to make it to her second birthday party she planned. At this one, when setting up the cannon she made sure that it was pointing in the right direction and not towards her. Sara also took Derek’s advice and got another car that was more reliable, even though it was only two flat tires that put the car out of commission. Sara has also removed her profile from because she has had a boyfriend the last two months. Her boyfriend is Sam, the mechanic that fixed the flats on her car.

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