Princess Anne & Prince Tyson

March 10, 2017

Once upon a time, in a small far away village in Yerevan, a princess was born named Anne. One year ago before her birth across the country in a little city was born a prince named Tyson. Both the prince and princess grew stronger and stronger each year. When Princess Anne turned 7 years old her mother took her to live across the country to a small city where the prince she never knew of lived. Years past for the prince and princess yet they haven’t found each other. The prince knew his princess was out there but he couldn’t find her. Until one day he was at a comic book center he was reading when he heard the bell ring and saw a beautiful princess he looked at her and knew that she was what looking for. Unfortunately, he lost her in a big crowd for the next 3 years he never saw her. Prince-Tyson started working to help his mother and Princess Anne also about started working to help her family. Tyson was at work when he saw someone so familiar he had taken a look again and there she was Princess Anne he couldn’t believe his eyes he had found her again. The princess and prince started talking more at work and one day they told each other how they feel and prince decided to make her his queen and so Queen Anne and King Tyson lived happily ever after




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