The ending

March 3, 2017
By , Durham, NC

Ryan a 16 year old football player. Everything he wants and needs is there love, food, and home. Nothing is really hard for him he is just the perfect life everyone wants. And generally this story goes on and on about what he does and how his life is all good. But what if the story changed and it changed for the better. After Ryan broke his spine when he was playing football. His life fell apart and he lost everything. Football was the one thing he couldn’t live with and his spine is broken. What does he do now? How does he cope? Love… this is the reason he isn’t depressed. You might think aww they lived happy and after. But they didn’t.His girlfriend dumped him right after he broke his spine. Yeah she was one of those. The only person he had was rosia. His long time friend. Rosia went to visit him. They cried and laughed, they had the most fun. At one point they just more than friends. Ryan was the most funny romantic person you’ll meet.And that’s where it ends you get to choose the ending ...

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