The boring story of Romeo

March 7, 2017
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Romeo was the world's biggest idiot, around 25 years old. Romeo was a super hero who lived in Ireland. Around the age of 5 his parents died and he came to an orphanage in Ireland. Two years later he was adopted by a poor family and had to work. At the age of 24 he fall in love with a girl who name was Catherine. Catherine was a girl with a good reputation because her dad was the Prime Minister of Ireland.

  One day Catherine's dad learnt that Romeo is having an affairs with is daughter and decided to go see him. Once her dad saw the small house of Haunt-man he refused his girl to marry Romeo. After taking a lot of time Romeo decided to run with Catherine, but was not sure what she would do? Would she came or not?

Catherine's dad didn't allow her to go out of the house so she could not meet Romeo. Two days later Romeo decide to go to her house at night so he could run away with Catherine. She decided no to go with Romeo. The guard saw Romeo and caught him and presented him to her dad. Her dad punished Romeo and sent him to jail.

Two years later Romeo was released from jail and re-came back to see Catherine. Someone told him that she had married Prince Shakes. Romeo sadly went back to his house where he lived alone because his mum had died and his dad too, so that was the end of Romeo.

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