Your Guardian Angel

November 7, 2008
By Zelda Garcia, San Antonio, TX

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Zealand lived two beautiful, jaw dropping girls. One was named Zelda, and the other was named Zirya. Both of these girls were known as the daughters of Commander Zen and Princess Zylpha. Zelda and Zirya were constantly in battle over who was going to be the next Princess. Neither of them had any idea Zoloft, the most wanted bachelor, was the next Commander. Zirya didn't know that Zoloft was Zelda's love because Zirya held a torch for him as well.

One day at the royal palace Zoloft dropped by to meet the two girls. Zirya was the first one downstairs. As she walked, her silver heels tripped and she fell hard against the marble floor.

'Oh my, are you okay?'Zoloft stuttered her and pulled her shiny, black hair out of her face.

'Um, yeah, I think,' she faked gasped, then stood up.

As Zelda walked down she stared into Zoloft's eyes and smiled.

'Nice to meet,' Zoloft greeted.

'Yeah, you too. Well, I have a lot of things to catch up on, so I'll see you around,' Zelda blushed and ran upstairs.

Zirya felt like the luckiest person on earth. Zoloft and her spent hours together. Zelda watched from afar and furious that Zirya's happiness grew. For days Zelda sat in front of her window stalking her sister and her new boyfriend.

Every night Zelda cried for she could not bare to see Zirya in love. But then one cold December night Zelda heard rocks at her window. Zelda was frightened by the noise, so she tip-toed to the window and looked down.

'Zelda?' Zoloft appeared.

'Ha, I think you have the wrong window,' Zelda chuckled.

'No, I'm looking for you. May I come up?'He asked politely.

'Sure',' Zelda stuttered and watched him climb the long vine.

'I need to talk to you,' he said.

'Yeah',' she whispered.

'I asked Zirya to marry me. But I'm in love with you,' Zoloft confessed.

A long kiss broke the silence.

'Why are you doing this?' she gasped as Zoloft released her from his grip.

'Because Commander Zen doesn't want you to be the next Princess,' he said.

'Don't you love Zirya as well?' she questioned.

'Well, Zelda, it's complicated. She was my first love and still is. But every time I see you at your window I feel like there's supposed to be something between us,' Zoloft explained.

'So what are you going to do?' She said.

'I'm going to marry your sister, so I don't go to jail,' he muttered.

'As much as I don't like Zirya, I won't tell,' she promised.

'Thank you. Well, I have to go. It's getting late,' Zoloft kissed her passionately and dashed out the window.

The next day it was the same for Zelda. She sat at the window and watched. But as the sun was going down that evening, a fairy came to her window.

As soon she opened the window, the fairy quickly flew inside.

'Hello, I'm Zinc, the fairy. I have come to you, for I have a letter from Zoloft,' she squeaked.

Zelda took the letter from the fairy. It was actually song lyrics. She smiled softly as she read; I will never let you fall. I'll stand up for you forever.

And the fairy came every night with a different song, but Zoloft didn't visit Zirya as often. Zirya's melancholy mood brought Zelda down so much that one day Zelda decided to be nice to Zirya and talk to her.

She nervously knocked on the door.

'Who is it?'Zirya spoke.

'Um, I-it's Zelda,' she choked.

Zelda was shocked that Zirya opened the door and asked her to sit.

'What's wrong?' Zelda pretended to care.

'I'm scared and confused. Zoloft sends a fairy every night to give me these songs.' She handed Zelda a stack of papers. Zelda read them; they were the exact same songs. She wanted to cry, but held it in.

'Well, why are you scared?' she asked.

'He hasn't visited,' she said.

'That's no reason to be confused. I have more reasons to be confused,' she finished and quickly dashed off to her room.

'How could he do this? He promised he loved me. He's just messing with my emotions!' Zelda cried and talked to herself. 'Ugh!!!' she grunted and ripped up the fourteen songs that she thought were just for her. Zelda felt guilty at the same time for betraying her sister.

'Zirya!' she cried and rushed to her room to find Zoloft and her kissing.

Eyeliner running, tears black, she looked into Zoloft's eyes.

'What the hell!' Zirya yelled.

'I'm sorry, Zelda, I guess I love Zirya,' he confessed.

'I-I-I can't believe you. You promised in those songs. It all seemed so real, but maybe too fake to be real,' she trembled on her words and slammed the door shut. Then she stood in the empty, dark hallway; feet cold, heart broken.

'I guess if Zoloft doesn't want me, I have no reason to live,' she whispered in a hushed tone.
So many emotions were running through her mind. As she calmed down she curled up on her bed. She sniffled her nose and the room echoed. She looked at her bedside dresser and opened the drawer. A knife shiny and untouched was held in her hands. She cautiously pulled it closer to her flawless skin.
'If the people in my books could do it then I can too.' She took the knife and deeply cut her wrist.

As she watched the blood drip down to the floor, she wrote a letter slowly;


Remember I loved you. I'll be Your Guardian Angel.

Love now and always,

She folded the paper and set it aside with a black rose.

That was the end for her, but the next day everybody was devastated. Zoloft was speechless.
At the funeral, everybody put red roses at her grave, except Zoloft. He put a black rose, and a letter that read;


I'm sorry for lying to you; I hope you come to visit me you'll always be my Princess.



Zoloft's life changed unexpectedly after Zelda's death. He saw her spirit every night; he never got injured, and he knew he was be watched over by someone special. Someone he called 'My Guardian Angel'.

The author's comments:
This was a dream of mine that I keep having. But each dream is different. Zoloft and Zelda are nick names of people in my life; Zelda is I, and Zoloft is my boyfreind. Tell me what you think PLEASE:]

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on Mar. 27 2009 at 11:41 pm
AliceCullen94 BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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wow...I've never read anything like it. very creative. I like it. what did your boyfriend do to make you feel like zelda?


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