And Then You Were Gone

February 27, 2017
By , Unknown, United States

I guess I just miss holding your wrists in the back of your car and touching your collarbone. You told me you were in love with me the 4th time we hung out. I thought this was my time. You had me in love with you the first time we met. I guess it was my mistake for believing you. Wasn't the first time I was lead on only to have my heart broken in the end. But you didn't know that, though I know it wouldn't have changed your decision. Now, months later, I'm still left here, hurting, while you get to have a life. New girlfriend, friends, adventures. I miss the late nights you'd drive to my house. I still reminisce every now and then. The memories were amazing. The way you would kiss me in your car. How you would call me once you got home. When you would randomly call me during the day and ask if you could come see me. But maybe I should have noticed the red flags. You never took me out in public anywhere. Started seeming more distant as the summer came to a fast end. I somehow managed to ignore those red flags though. It was you. Your smile. Your style. Your personality. The way you would look at me before grabbing me and kissing me. They told me to stay away, but I couldn't. I became attached. I was instantly under that damn spell of yours, your lips being the potion. The kiss was magical, but your lips were poisonous. 

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