It all Started with Obsession

February 22, 2017

    Christina was in Walmart doing some shopping grocery shopping for her mom when she saw the boy named Carter that she had been keeping her eye on. Christina and Carter were both sixteen and went to the same school in Missouri. Christina had now had her crush on Carter for at least three weeks. Carter had not even noticed that she was watching him until that evening. He turned and saw her peeking around the corner. He realized quickly who it was, and realized just how pretty she really was. So he decided to go over to her, he walked around the corner and she was standing there. When she saw him, she blushed and looked shocked. They started talking, which led to a conversation that lasted around an hour. Even though they didn't know it, that conversation would end up changing both of their lives.

    They started dating after that “little” conversation. They were just like any other happy, young couple. It was one of the best summer’s of their life. They always cuddled, listened to each other’s problems, and gave massages to each other. They even wrestled sometimes, which led to other things, that don’t need to be mentioned. They also did all that they could for one another, but what they didn’t know was that they would face many conflicts during their relationship. Although in August, they started their junior year at school, which meant they could not spend as much time together since they had different classes. Carter slowly drifted away from Christina.  Christina however, did not realize it. One day she had to go to her locker to get some books that she had forgotten for class. When she entered the hallway that her locker was at she saw Carter and her best friend Chaislynn making out. Christina could not believe what was going on. She just stood there until Carter and Chaislynn turned around. Carter immediately ran to her and hugged her to start his apology but she relented. Christina then kicked him as hard as she could which made him fall to his knees. He begged for forgiveness but Christina then just slapped him and walked over to Chaislynn to find out more about the affair. Chaislynn confessed by saying that the affair had been going on since the beginning of the school year. Christina was so shocked and upset that she just left school and went home.

Christina spent the next few days at home crying until her parents finally forced her to go back to school. The first day she returned, she was bombarded with homework, and apologies from Chaislynn. Chaislynn apologized so much that Christina finally forgave her, and in time, became good friends again. Carter also begged for forgiveness and wanted Christina back. He really did care for her. Christina finished off that school year feeling isolated from everyone and was ready for the summer to begin.

Over that summer she started feeling lonely and started thinking about the breakup and tried to think of the reasons why Carter would have cheated on her. She started to believe that she might have encouraged it by not talking to him as much. She decided maybe to give him another chance but she had to make dure of something first. She had to know if Carter and Chaislynn had done anything else besides kissing. So Christina called Chaislynn and asked her. Chaislynn of course told her no, but who knows if it was the truth or not. Christina then called Carter and told him that she would give him a second chance, and he was happy. He came over immediately and they hugged it out. Through the summer, they did everything like they had the previous summer and they had more fun than they ever had. They also vowed that they would not drift apart their senior year.

Their senior year started and everyone was excited about it including Christina and Carter. Unlike the previous year, they did not drift apart. They made sure that they could do everything, and they did. The senior year seemed to fly by for them all until it was time to pick colleges. Christina filled out applications for UCLA, MU, and Duke. Carter filled out Applications for the same colleges but did not get accepted into any of them. Christina was accepted to all of them and chose UCLA because it was her dream school to get her education. Carter then was finally accepted to Lincoln University in Missouri. The fact that they were going to different colleges really upset them because they did not want to get broke up. During the rest of their senior year, they were just sad. They soon graduated from their high school and had to say their goodbyes. They had decided not to even try a long-distance relationship. They went their separate ways. Chaislynn had also applied to go to Lincoln cause she still had feelings for Carter that no one knew about. She was then accepted but she did not tell any of her friends including Christina, because she knew that Christina would be suspicious. Chaislynn just told everyone she wasn’t going to college to cover it up.

Christina was so nervous going into college but she grew to liking it really fast. She played volleyball just for fun but mainly worked hard on her work, and focusing in subjects like: Biology, Zoology, and anatomy. It was her dream to be a veterinarian to help all the animals that needed help. Although she worked hard on her studies, she also went with lots of guys. It was really easy for her to get almost any guy that she wanted because they all thought she was beautiful with her long black hair, amazing smile, and her nice figure. Even though she met lots of great guys, she still thought of Carter. Carter and her had decided to not even talk or she would have probably ended up calling him. Despite how much missed him, she still had a good time and graduated with the the necessities to become a vet. She decided to stay in California for her veterinarian life. She later got a job at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital in Anaheim California.

Carter got to college not knowing what he wanted to do. He then remembered that he would like to be an athletic scout. There was not a college requirement but a bachelor's degree was recommended. He just took the common classes. After he got everything settled, he noticed Chaislynn was there. He immediately went to her and they talked and she told him how she wanted to be an orthodontist. He just could not believe that she was there considering that he had not heard anything about it from any of his other friends. She reminded him so much of Christina that he started dating her which, she didn’t object to cause that was the main reason she went there. Carter didn’t really like her but he stayed with her through his his four college years just to have someone. It also helped him know how Christina was doing. He did good in college and got the degree and graduated. He then got hired to become an athletic scout of the Kansas City Chiefs, but before he left college, he ended with Chaislynn because Christina was the one he knew that he wanted. He decided to start his job for a while first then eventually travel out to California to talk to Christina.

After Carter left Chaislyn, she became really upset and jealous of Christina, so she just blocked Christina on social media and never spoke to her again without explaining why she did not want to Christina’s friend anymore. Chaislynn then became the orthodontist like she had always wanted and met a nice guy named Blake, who she started a family with and lived a good rest of her life.

Christina and Carter started their careers very well. Christina became one of the best vets around and Carter had scouted some of the best players ever to be in the NFL but Christina never left his mind. So he decided to take a break off work and go out to California to see her. Carter had not left Christina’s mind either but she had no idea where he was or she would have went to find him first. Carter was approved the break off work, and got on the first plane to John Wayne Orange County Airport in California.

Carter got to the airport and took the first taxi to the Anaheim animal hospital because it was around the mid afternoon. Once he got there he peaked in the window and immediately saw Christina who looked stunning to his eyes. He got up the courage to go in. As soon as he walked in, Christina turned around and saw him. She could not believe it. She ran to him as fast as she could and they kissed for about two whole minutes. They set down and started talking about how much they had missed one another. Christina was so happy that she moved to sitting on his lap. He explained his job, which she thought was awesome since she loved sports so much. She also explained how good that her job was going to. Carter then brought up the idea of them dating again and Christina laughed and told him she would not have kissed him otherwise. So Carter quit his job with the Chiefs and got the same job with the Los Angeles Rams. The two of them were finally together again.

3 Years Later

Christina and Carter had lived the last three years better than they had ever thought. Christina walked into work early on a monday morning to see Carter down on his knee with a shiny engagement ring. He then asked her if she would marry him and she yelled out and said yes. They got married only three months later on the beach surrounded by family and friends. Then they went on their honeymoon and went to the Bahamas which they thought was awesome. So they continued to live the life the only way you could, good.

10 Years Later

They now had two kids in the family. They had a boy named Tyler who was 1, and a girl named Annie who was eight. After getting their kids, Christina and Carter felt that they had a complete life. They loved each other, had an amazing life, and thought nothing wrong could happen, but they were wrong. The next day would just happen to be the worst day of their life.

It was early in the morning on Friday the 13th and Carter was getting his bags packed for his plane ride to Chicago Illinois to do scouting at a college there for potential players for the Rams. He finally got his bags packed, ready to leave so he went in the bedroom and kissed Christina goodbye, then went to and told the kids bye to. Christina had a bad feeling but she just waved it off. Carter then left his house and headed for the airport.

He got to the airport and got seated. The plane took off normally and everything looked good for the ride. Then, all of the sudden, the captain came onto the intercom in panic mode saying that there were a couple of men busting through to the cockpit and that he thought that they were attempting to hijack the plane. Before the captain was done speaking, Carter and the other passengers heard the cockpit door burst open and a gunshot. They then knew that the captain was dead and the plane had been hijacked. Carter and the passengers started to try to break back into the cockpit but were unsuccessful. The plane started swerving down so Carter and the others now knew that the plane was heading to be crashed. Carter quickly picked up his cell phone to make the call home to Christina. She answered almost as soon as it started ringing. DCarter then started explaining to her what had happened and what was going to happen. He also told her how much he loved her and that he had always loved her with all of his heart. By now, Christina was in tears as she told him that he loved him as much as he loved her. He told her to tell the kids he loved them to. She told him that she would and started to say something else when she heard the loudest noise she had ever heard. She knew what that meant, and fell to the floor and just cried. It was just as hard for Annie who was old enough to know her dad. She did not understand though why her daddy wasn’t coming home. Christina just stayed home for a while until she finally went back to work to support what was left of her family.

5 Years Later

It had been five years since Carter died and Christina had finally gotten better. She also had a boyfriend now named Cameron that made reminded her of Carter. He looked similar to Carter, was nice, and was devoted to Christina and her kids. It was still hard for her without Carter but she knew Cameron was the next best thing. He helped her and the kids get through a lot and they all finally had a happy life again.



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