The Solar Eclipse

February 6, 2017
By kristanicole BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
kristanicole BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
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He was the Sun, and she was the Moon.

The Sun and the Moon were in love with one another for billions of years. They loved and supported each other’s roles. In the darkest of the night, the Sun illuminated the Moon. He wanted to put her beauty on display, so the Earth would be able to love her the same. He found ways to open his arms to her even though he could not always reach her. She was hard to catch; only for a few hours every day could he help her shine.

He admired and protected the Moon. Yet, once every few months, the Moon decided to take control. She aimed for an eclipse on a bright day, as she found herself blocking the Sun’s rays. Confused, the Sun asked her,

“My dear, why are you blocking my light?”

“Because it is only fair.”

“In what way?”

“Well, you spend every night helping me. You deserve recognition.” She explained.

It puzzled the Sun. If his rays were not used, how did he deserve gratitude? If he failed to brighten the day, how did it help? His light could only do so much.

But then again, it was the Moon. The love of his life. He pondered his thoughts of the figure that lay before him. She was beautiful. Her skin was pure silver, every crater and imperfection could only lay perfect in his eyes.

She perplexed him, in a good way. After a moment, he continued again.

“How does this signify recognition?”

“Well… As long as I do this often, more attention is driven to you.”

“But that is my purpose. To create miracles of you.”

“Please.” she pleaded, “take my word for it.”

So he did. The Sun waited a few moments. It only took seconds for him to realize what she had meant. For her to block his rays, she created a halo. She created an angelic phenomenon which highlighted his features. The ring of light drew the people of Earth to his unseen beauty. For so long, he focused on only her, and now, she wanted to pay him back. As the minutes grew closer to the end, the Moon did everything in her power to keep her stance.
Every passing day, no one acknowledged the Sun’s kindness except for the Moon. She wanted to remind the Earth of the Sun’s strengths. After so much, he deserved it.

“I never want you to forget how much you mean to the Earth and me.” She said.

“Thank you.”

“It is not fair for you to be disregarded. Your power is more beautiful than that of any other. My respect for you is profound. How do you help someone as selfish as myself? I seize the night and the eyes of millions, only because of you. I use you. You cede your own light every nightfall for me. You let yourself go so I can shine. You die for me. I do not for you.”


“You do not use me, I enjoy helping you.”


“Because I love you. And that is enough. For you to be near me is a blessing more radiant than my own rays. You let me shine in the day, so I help you in the night. You are a beautiful miracle to this universe. I die so you can keep breathing. It is because I love you that I will continue to do so until the very day I burn out. And that will never change.”

In the Sun’s faltered voice, the eclipse began to fade. The Moon shifted from the Sun’s rays. The halo disintegrated in the morning sky, as she branched out of sight. Her beauty began to leave him once more, as she had struggled to try and coexist with the Sun. She loved him, but she could not stay. And he knew that.
“Please don’t leave me anymore,” he sighed, but before the words could reach her, she was gone. The silence reappeared in the air again. He was alone in the sky once more, with no one to hold. The commotion from Earth died again, almost like the audience after a show’s curtains close. He hung from the sky with gloom and waited peacefully again.

The only medicine to the recurring sadness was her. Yet, only once every handful of months did he receive her guidance.

So he waited.

The Moon knew that every night, the Sun sacrificed himself. She knew that the solar eclipse was the least she could do. She loved him and wanted to make it known as best as she could. So, she tried.

Thus, she waited.

And as silence lingered, they both waited for the next solar eclipse.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by my love of both astronomy and love stories to write this piece. I realized how much the Sun and Moon relate to one another, so I decided to give them lives of their own. I hope that people take away the lesson of the beauty in the universe, no matter what!

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