March 9, 2009
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Once a upon a time there was a girl thought she be alone and no one would understand her. She that she be cold for the rest her where she feel sorrows for the rest of her life. But then along came a boy who thought he shall not love any girl for his experience was awful. But then he met a girl and he thought why so quiet does she have sorrow. She was as beautiful as nature its self. He talks with sweetness and funniness as a joker . she smiles and giggles , But it wasn't a usual smile this smile made a tingle that made her happy. but what came to her mind . Is he just another boy that wouldn't make her feel nothing or is he something she is missing inside of her?

He didn't know if he like her he ponder and ponder. Is she like every other girl I met and cause me to go mad. But when he saw her for the time that he actually saw her she was gorgeous from her head to her toes.

As for her thoughts were running through her head , images of him were going through her head . back and forth back and forth in the sheets she just couldn't get him out her mind What was wrong with her she never got this feeling about anyone no one.

What made him so special . Was it his smile that made her so warm inside or was it he funny sense of humor that made her chuckle, and his eyes how could she describe his eyes what passion he has and how they were blue as the ocean . He had a look that she notice no other person had but she could not explain what . that is what it made more interesting though.

He thought so often what to do . should he make a move or not. He didn't know what to do . she didn't seem all that interested in him. It was hard for him to figure her out. She was so shy. But yet there was something different. But the question was he willing to take a chance again?

She is so happy . he finally realizes that she has interest in him. But what to do. What she going to decide.

Does he? Does he have the guts to ask her out. He ponders and ponder. He decides he going to give a chance.

She is so surprise she has all these emotions inside of her good, excited and so much more. But what to do should she say yes and have a boyfriend. She must think.

He is patience but in worry. What if he made the wrong decision .

She going to say yes .

He is happy with joy.

He finally fell in love with her when they first out . the night was young and he drove to her finally he step out of the car and saw her . He was astonished the way she look. He thought she thought she couldn't look more amazing but he was wrong. that night he fell in love.

She had amazing night she never thought a date could go so good. She thought it was the most amazing sate she ever had and it was her first date ever, she felt someone cared about her someone that actually just wanted to be with her. But the question was did she love him?

The month and couple weeks past by and they had there moments. There first hug, kiss and so much more. The one though she never though would happen . there biggest fight ever she almost lost him. She realized though one thing she loved him and she never wanted to lose him.

So this day on forth the boy and girl love each other and continue there lives together.

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