An Interview with the Vampire

November 21, 2016

Interview with a Vampire
Interview with a Vampire is a thrilling love story, narrated by the main character; Louis. He confesses to a reporter his heartbreaking life account after being reborn a vampire. Louis describes the chilling ways of how he and his vampire daughter survived loving a man Lestat. Vampires in this tale weren't killed by stakes into the heart, blinded by crucifixes, or repelled by garlic. Instead, love was their weakness. Louis also stated his displeasure about how coffins are a required part of being a vampire.
This twisted saga of intimacy between vampires Lestat and Louis will show you how two companions bond even after so much loss. Louis made a hard decision in the end to let Lestat go, running away from his affections and America, even though he still loved him. After running away, Louis and his daughter Claudia encountered the vampire Armand in Europe. Louis fell in love with Armand and wanted to leave his daughter Claudia for him. Claudia became deathly jealous and ended up beckoning a new companion, ready to leave Louis before he could leave her. All too soon, a vampire from Armand’s clan had already read her thoughts. Claudia was doomed, they knew she murdered Lestat. Murder of one's own kind is equivalent to death. Louis, aware of Claudia's murder scheme was captured as well. Louis was sentenced to imprisonment for eternity, in a box. I was completely engrossed as the tale was unraveling, and hoped for Louis’ rescue. It was hard to disconnect my eyes from the screen even though I wanted to grab a snack.
The Vampire Chronicles is beyond any normal vampire-fantasy movie. You are bound to fall in love with each and every one of the main characters. Every death is agonizing and emotional. The way the movie portrays loss in characters is heart wrenching. The Vampire Chronicles teaches many viewers to this day, that over time, you must be able to move on. Another lesson taught in the movie is to also know when to leave something that isn’t healthy even if it gives you joy. It personally taught me, as a viewer to never hold any regret in your heart. The movie depicts gore and death as the main focus. Therefore, this movie is not a “family night” choice but appeals to gays, teenage girls and lonely 30 year old women.

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