Screen Crossed Lovers

November 21, 2016
By Anonymous

The familiar click of a microphone sounded over the call, a soft buzz emitting through Zander's headphones.
“Hello?” The familiar voice of his significant other echoing through his ears, causing Zander to smile.
“Hello, Kelly. Can you turn on your webcam?” Zander asked softly, hoping to see the soft features of his lover's face. He waited and after a moment Kelly's face flashed on the screen, causing a large grin to form on his face.
“As gorgeous as ever.” Zander commented softly, his eyes wandering over Kelly's pink face. His dark brown hair, the cute beanie he always wore, and those soft looking lips that Zander couldn't wait to kiss. After a moment of staring Zander reached down, turning on his own webcam. He saw the mini Zander pop up in the corner of the screen, did he really look like that? His hair was a mess, brown and shaggy as it covered his ears. He really needed a haircut. Even his bright blue eyes looked rather dull, it had to be the camera, he didn't normally look that bad, right?
“Oh jeez, I look absolutely horrible.” Zander commented, staring down at himself at the corner of the screen.
“Hey, babe. My eyes are up here.” Kelly smiled, watching Zander quickly focus back on the middle of the computer. Zander flushed slightly, hearing Kelly laugh from the other side of the screen. He wasn't even sure why he was so embarrassed, Kelly's comment meant nothing considering he had no chest, he was a man afterall. He wasn't even looking at Kelly, was he thinking too far into this? Probably. He was such a dork around Kelly, was this what true love felt like?
After a few minutes of talking, telling jokes, and laughing, Zander suddenly became serious. He looked down at the table, rather nervous about what was about to happen. He had bought a plane ticket to be able to see Kelly for the first time and this was a very big advancement in their relationship. They had known each other for years, but the idea of romance came up only months ago. They spiraled down a trail of love and affection yet they hadn't met yet. It was almost as if they were meant to be.
“Hey Kelly,” Zander spoke up, “I need to ask you something very important.. and before you freak out it's not a marriage proposal. I'm not ready for that kind of commitment yet.” He laughed softly, his face turning a bright red. He stared down at the ticket, playing with the edge of the paper before he picked it up, keeping it off camera. “Listen, I've been wanting to meet you for a long time.. and I feel like it's about time that we meet.” Zander held the ticket up, earning a sharp gasp from Kelly.
“Zandylion.. you didn't...” Kelly whispered softly, holding a hand to his mouth as he stared at the ticket. “Oh my God, you did..”
“No, no, no, no.. Kelly, don't start crying babe. You're going to make me cry.” Zander blinked back tears as he watched Kelly begin to tear up, his shoulders shaking as he started to cry. It took only seconds before Zander started to cry as well, using his hand to quickly wipe away his tears. “Shoot, dude. You got me crying too.” He laughed as the tears ran down his cheeks, trying his best to stop his tears. “Dang dude, I haven't cried in such a long time..” Zander sniffled, rubbing his eyes again.
“Listen, I have to go Zander.” Kelly laughed softly, letting out a soft sigh as his tears finally stopped. “I need to clean up my house, I'm sorry.” He quickly hung up, leaving Zander to stare at himself.
“Alright, bye.” Zander sighed softly, standing up with a frown. He had to pack up for tomorrow, especially since he was going to get on a plane.
The next morning Zander walked through the airport, bumping into a few people as he dragged his rolling suitcase behind of him. He went through security and headed onto the plane, letting out a soft sigh as he got onto the plane. As he sat down in his seat he laid back, sighing softly. The plane ride would be about five hours long which would mean he'd be able to get a good nap in so he could spend more time with Kelly. After thinking about it for a few moments he realized he had never seen below Kelly's shoulders. Was he tall, or was he short? Zander was sure he would find out as soon as he got there and was rather excited to be able to meet him in the flesh.
Five hours went by rather fast as Zander dreamed of meeting Kelly. Them running towards each other in slow motion, them sharing a chocolate milkshake together, all of those lame things that couples did. He hoped that he'd be able to spend a lot of time with Kelly, he was only staying there for about a week and he needed to spend as much time as he could with him. Zander quickly climbed off the plane, speed walking through the airport as he tried to get to Kelly as fast as he could. He and Kelly sent a few messages back and forth before he got on the plane, he would be there by the time Zander arrived.
Zander looked through the crowds of people, trying to recognize the beanie that he had seen dozens of times. Though for some reason he couldn't spot it anywhere, where could he be? People started to clear as someone wheeled towards Zander, after a moment he recognized it to be Kelly. At this point he didn't even care about anything, he quickly ran towards Kelly tripping a few people as he raced through the crowd. Zander lifted Kelly from his wheelchair, hugging him close with a satisfied sigh. It felt so nice to be able to hug him, to be able to touch him. Years of talking through video calls meant nothing at this moment, he would hate the moment he had to leave, and he would do his best to spend every single second he could with his boyfriend.
“We need to get a milkshake.” Zander whispered in Kelly's ear. “Right now.”

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