Romance and Revenge

November 16, 2016

+PLEASE LISTEN TO THE SONG "Mr. Blue Sky" by the Electric Light Orchestra AS YOU READ THE STORY.+

I woke up to the sunrise looking out my white window. The color of a reddish orange was surrounding my room. I couldn't sleep last night I was so excited about today. I've been waiting for this day my whole life. Today is final the day I ask her.

I got out of my queen size bed and put my feet on the soft, grey rug that was on my bedroom floor. I walked five feet forward then turned to my right and walked inside my huge bathroom. I took a nice and steamy shower and brushed my teeth with cinnamon toothpaste.

I put on my favorite blue button up shirt and my black pants and went to grab my coffee out of the kitchen.
I walked to my double wide door and looked at my house one more time. For some reason I couldn't stop looking at it like I would never be here again.

I open the door slowly and walk out. When I walked out I noticed the beauty outside. The birds were chirping, the wind was blowing slightly at my face and the sun was so pretty. I love the beauty of nature. It’s gorgeous. My heart gets all happy when I look at mother nature.

I can’t believe it. I’m going to have lunch with her today and ask her to marry me. I got her father’s approval, so that I may marry her, nothing could make this day better.

I got in my car and drove off to a small and fancy italian restaurant. It’s such a happy place to go to.
She suppose to meet me here today and 12:00. It’s already 11:50. She should be here any minute. I keep staring at the door and hoping she will come soon.


+NEW SONG PLEASE PLAY "sad song for broken hearts" ON YOUTUBE AS YOU READ+

It’s now 12:20 and I’m getting worried. I get my phone out of my  black pocket and call my best friend Fernando. We’ve been best friends since we were ten. He picks up the phone.

“Hey!” what’s up I said all nervous and depressed like.

“Nothing much, what's the matter with you, you sound really sad.”

It’s just that my love didn't come to lunch and I was going to ask her to marry me.”

“Ya about that I took her to breakfast and I asked her to marry me. Sorry, not sorry.”

“Are you kidding me! You knew I loved her with all my heart and you stole her away from me! Why?

“Because she is lovely and a great person to be with and she loves me not you. Ha Ha!”

He hung up the phone. My heart was stuck in my throat. It’s like my world doesn't exist anymore. She was everything to me and now I have nothing. She’s gone. Gone forever and there’s nothing I can do about this. I wish I was dead, but you know what’s better than death, revenge. I will get my revenge one day and she will be mine again. Even if I have to kill my lifelong best friend to get her. I will do anything so she will be mine.

I closed my eyes and thought about how this day was really suppose to be. I was suppose to have the girl, have kids and l was suppose to have a  perfect life.  But now I will never have a perfect life.But now I can’t even smile. It’s like someone stabbed me with a knife and I can’t get it out. The pain is too much. I want to run, I want to scream, I need to tell someone how I feel.Oh wait, I have no body anymore. Fernando took the one person who loved me.I feel dead inside. I’m now forever alone.

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