November 20, 2016
By , Olympia, WA

Since we were little girls we always had a picture in our mind of who our future would be with. Who would love us although we have our scars and flaws. Imagine you're self walking alongside a beach with someone not because of his face but his whole being bringing joy to you. Imagine a person who would absolutely adore you for what ever the odds. Imagine a person who feels so lucky to have found there heart to be with you tell you that they love you and they won't just say that because they want to make you happy but they say that to show you how much they truly care. Imagine a world where even as a young person you could have the mind set that even if there are 50 people out there's who don't like you're personality, there's one person on earth special guy who does. His love for you is so special that even when your walking in the rain he will act like it's the hottest day of The year because he loves you. Imagine a world where people didn't have to go through spending fortunes on a good place to hold a ceremony but a quiet place behind a waterfall, on a beach, or in on a hill looking at the sunset, to celebrate their luck, the luck that very few people have anymore. 

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