the emo boi who fellforthe girl

November 18, 2016
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“Hey, How are you?” I said to the Random girl that I sent a friend request on facebook,one day 2 years ago and she replied back almost instantly “Hi....Not so good”, and I thought long and hard on how I was gonna ask her what was wrong and I ended up just asking her straight up why she was upset and she told me about how her boyfriend was cheating on her with her friend and how she did not want to break up with the guy because she “Loved” the guy and I told her about how she should not have to deal with that kind of guy or friends.
So I asked for her number so that I may talk with her in a  more comfortable way and she said “I do not have a number but if u want to on here sure, But I have been crying and my make up is kinda messed up so I do not think you will want to see my face” And I sent her a selfie of my face and i said “ I am pretty sure u look better than this….” and then I got a call and I answered and I saw her face with Tears still running down her cheeks and I said “ There is a pretty face” And smiles a bit and  she turned as red as a tomato said “T-thanks” and we talked all night and I was just me and she loved it that I did not change myself for her.
our friendship went on for 6 months and we talked everyday. But one day our friendship changed because she asked if I wanted to be more than friends and i said “I was just thinking the same thing, But yes i would” and from then on me and her talked even more or at least until she found a Guy closer to her and she told me bye.I still think about her and we are still friends,but as she said “ not as good as friends as we were before”. But to be honest I could care less, she just used me and I do not appreciate that kind of thing from a person I have legit feelings for and also pushed away half of my friends for her.But i learned a valuable lesson, Never fall in love with someone you can not see all side of them, because they might not always be Faithful or your friend in the end.

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